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Case Study: Business solutions using Java & PHP integration

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Quercus, a Caucho Technology offers the upsides of two different things at the same time. PHP 5 that is released under the open source free software license (GNU GPL) is cent percent compatible with the Java implementation, thus  making it a best Caucho Technology, Quercus.

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“Endive Software get to use PHP which is a standout amongst the most prevalent site development languages. Additionally, offers Quercus a well-suited module which makes PHP the first choice of a company. Endive prefers  PHP for creating the front-end of the applications & Java EE for the back-end of the applications, thus placing it among top PHP development companies of the world. ”

Summary: Development use of Resin® & Quercus™ to make usage of pooled Java/PHP solution for fast responsiveness for healthcare and emergency vigilance.

Solution: Use of Java & PHP combined architecture

Platform/Product use: The Quercus (.war) file, as well as Caucho Technology, is a feature of a web server and Java application server i.e., Resin

Industry: Therapeutic/healthcare industry

Engineering Challenge faced by Endive’s developers:

At the point when Nikhil Sangar presumes the role of AVP consulting in Endive Software, he gets his hands on Healthcare inquiry system, a PHP based web application designed & developed by PHP virtuosos of Endive.

As this in-house venture advanced, a few of the existing functionalities & new element necessities could be implemented better as foundation errands. Howbeit, PHP on Apache is a user-instigated programming setting and in addition, needs user input to run Hypertext Preprocessor which is server-side scripting or says general-purpose programming language.

As an adept Java developer, Nikhil Sangar realized that Java could deal with the foundation/background errands effectively through multithreading. So to make the existing Healthcare inquiry system better, it was needed to incorporate the additional Java advantages of integrated security and connection pooling.

The challenge they face was – might they be able to integrate PHP with Java EE or would they have to supplant PHP?


Changing the PHP application to JSP or say to Struts, Spring, or else JSF would be time-consuming, so he along with his expert team centred his investigation on making PHP work with Java. They distinguished two solutions for this problem one is Java-PHP bridge and another one is Quercus.

The Java-PHP bridge would comprise of Java calling a running case of Apache/PHP by means of RMI, however, this would be unwieldy to send in a production environment.

Since Quercus keeps running as a Java Servlet and aggregates PHP into Java, it could run the application with minor alterations and would permit the application to straightforwardly get to Java objects. The Quercus solution would let them effortlessly coordinate J2EE security which is contemplated as an open-source persistence framework and a scheduler library.


In their trial, say 90% of the application ran at that instant on Quercus and the remaining 10% needed a little bit of re-coding which can be done with the release of advanced version of Resin, i.e., Resin 3.1

After the application totally breezed through their regression tests utilizing Quercus, they began to improve the healthcare inquiry system PHP code with Java. The main improvement was to utilize J2EE container-managed authentication to confirm clients and figure out which PHP pages they could get to. The reason behind taking this step and doing this is to offer the clients dealing in the health care sector with better services and functionality platform. The entire development team of Endive Software does this by putting into practice a custom verification class that utilized the existing user tables in their application. And this permitted them to remove the “Log in” check from the header of the page.

The second zone that they concentrated on was interfacing PHP to a Java persistence library. As this allows the company to make use of enterprise level Java highlights together with connection pooling and a prepared statement pooling, highlights which are not easily done in HTML-embedded Hypertext Preprocessor. All this allows Endive Software to offer ready to use (healthcare inquiry system app) application to its health care industry clients.

Amid their entire development procedure, they found that utilizing object-oriented PHP to build up a page format system was better than JSP or Struts. Now, their PHP template engines allow them restrict the web accessible Hypertext Preprocessor files to around six and the heft of the PHP code is secured under WEB-INF by the J2EE container. The subsequent PHP architecture offers critical adaptability and practicality along with the security.

The advantages of Quercus Java-PHP architecture comprise of:

  • A license to make use of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) libraries and PHP5 object model using freedom for templating pages.
  • PHP as Servlet is a superior option than Java Community Process & object-oriented web application framework Zend


Endive Software heavily relied on Quercus and Resin functionalities as their framework of choice.

About  Endive Software

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