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Car Rental App Development: What Does It Take to Make an App Like Turo, Avis or Hertz

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Self-drive Car App Like ZoomCar and ZipCar

Hire mobile app developers for car rental app development. We provide on demand car rental app development services to build apps like Turo, Avis or Hertz.

After the cab booking and carpooling apps, the self-driven car services like Turo, Avis or Hertz have gained a lot of prominence in the recent year. Whether it’s a holiday or business trips, almost, every person chooses to travel independently by renting a car. Having a car rental app like these you don’t need to contact a travel agency to hire a car. Now you can do it all with your travel app. Hiring a car is very easy. Open the app, put your requirements, pay some money and walk out with the keys to a car.

The car rental industry is taking the world by storm- take it as a fact. Uber, Lyft, Gett, and Grab have changed the face of the industry. And, now the car rental industry is doing the same. Thus, the market of car rental is going to grow from $60-80 billion in 2015 to approximately $125-160 billion in 2022, reaching a CAGR of 12.5%. You can see it by this statistical data provided by Statista.

Car Rental App Development

How to build or how much does it cost to build a car rental app like Tuto, Avis or Hertz?, this question often arises when it comes to building a car rental app like Turo, Avis or Hertz. Furthermore, building a car rental app or self-driven app has never been an easy task. Even the founders of these apps had faced tough competition. Although, they are ruling the market by giving a number of benefits and comfort as well.

If you have an idea of your own car rental application, but don’t know from where to start, look no further, here we will help you to make it real.

In this following article, we will discuss the various aspects of the car rental domain. And, make it clear how to build a car rental application like Turo, Avis or Hertz.

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Factors that help you to reveal the cost of app development

Mobile Platform

The cost of application depends on the type of platforms you choose. The above car rental apps developed on both iOS and Android. Building an app on a single platform feels like most of the work has done. You should consider both platforms to reach maximum users. However, developing an app in iOS is much higher than Android.

Development Team

To work on your application, you should consider experienced developers who are rich in skills and experts in car rental app development. Thus, the cost of development varies on the type of development team you hired and the complexity of the project and the scope of work.

App Design

It is the very first interaction of the user with your mobile application. To make app design like Turo, Avis or Hertz, designers you hired must have a vast knowledge of designing. App design should be very clean and good looking. There is no need to invest in fancy design. The cost of app design depends on your need as which type of design you want for your application.

App Features

App features are the most important things to be considered. An application with advanced features describes the quality of the app and even leaves a long-lasting impression. Cost of car rental app with advanced and latest features may dent in your pocket, but in fact, it will provide maximum ROI..

Payment Options

Providing a number of payment options in your application is quite enough to make your position among the top players. All these giants like Hertz and Avis are proving various payment modes in their applications.

Car Rental App Development- Features, Panels, And Cost

Admin Panel

admin dashboard car rental app

Analytics Dashboard– It shows how your business performs. Thus, in this, you can get daily/weekly/monthly reports of revenue.

Customer Management– Admin can manage customers’ information. The admin can confirm and reject customer reservations.

Car Management– In this, admin can manage the car as he can add or remove the car and update car specifications, etc.

Payment Manager– This section allows admin to manage and store payment details made by the customers. The admin can set booking rates as he can increase and decrease rates of reservation.

Real-time Reports & Analytics– Admin can review real-time reports such as the number of bookings, payments received, etc.

Manage Car Category– With this, admin can manage the car category as he can add or delete cars and can also update the car availability.

Manage Fares/Location-based Charges– Here admin can update or manage faces of car rental as per the locations or heavy demands.

User Panel

User Panel - Car Rental App

Sign-up/login– A user can easily sign-up using mobile number, email id or social channels. For secure login, OTP feature has been used to make hassle-free and secure login.

Start Time/End Time- In the home screen of the app, users can select their start/end date and time based on their requirements.

Find Cars– After setting up start/end time, users will get a list of cars and can find a car as per their choice.

Choose Car– In this section, users can select a car to book and get details of the car such as free kilometers, price km/h and more.

Fare Calculation- As per the distance, the users will be able to calculate the fair of the ride.

Payments & Receipts – After making a successful payment, users will get the ride receipt.

Alerts and Notifications– Users receive alerts, notifications, and SMS upon booking confirmation.

Cancel Booking– In this, users can cancel the booking in the given time period.

Car Pickup Point- Here you will receive a specific location or landmark by the service provider to collect the car.

Door-step Delivery– To make it more convenient, this feature has been introduced to enhance your car riding experience.

Check Car Availability– Users can check the availability of car location wise.

Make an App Like Turo, Avis or Hertz

Advanced Features

car rental app

GPS Tracking– The app is integrated with google maps API which enables a user to navigate to the locations directly through the application.

Cloud Environment– It allows you to store data on the online storage provided in the application. Every user gets an amount of storage in the application which they can use to store their data.

Promo/Offers– Promo/Offers is the most important part of the application, in which admin can provide their promotional coupons and offers to attract the audience to the application.

In-app Chat– This feature lets the customer chat with the support team or to the app support directly in the app itself.

Subscribe– With this feature the user can subscribe for a premium account to avail the benefits of rides, provided by the company.

Payment Gateway– With this feature, the user can pay through the third party payment gateways like Net banking, e-Wallet, Credit/Debit cards, and PayPal, etc.

Additional Technologies

Twilio or similar– for text messaging.

MapKit– for easy maps integration.

CoreLocation– This is used to provide real-time tracking of the user’s geolocation.

Facebook SDK and Google Sign In– For a fast, and easy sign in via social channels.

PayPal Payments Pro/Stripe Payments Tool– for online payments.

Real-time Analytics– Google Analytics, Flurry, etc.

Cloud Technology– Amazon Data Servers, Google Cloud Server

The App Consists of 4 Main Sections That Are

  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • Web-based Administration Panel
  • Server and Back-end Part

Team Required To Work On App as Follows:

Team Required To Work

Cost Estimation of Self-driven Car Application

The cost of the car rental app depends on the features or services that you want to implement in the mobile application. And, it also depends upon where the app is being built. After discussing the various parameters, we came to the final result that the app would cost (basic app) around $20,000 if develop in India. If you want to build an app for both platforms iOS and Android along with some advanced features, and technologies, including all panels and dashboard, then it will cost around $35,000 – $40,000. And, the development time will be around 250 to 350 hours.

Endive Software is a leading mobile app development company. With the proven track record and vast experience in carpooling mobile application development, our developers can build a peer to peer car rental app.

Do you have any query? Feel free to contact us, we are here to assist you with valuable information.

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