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Can loT Transform The Automobile Industry?

Internet of things

The rise of mobile apps for nearly everything has changed our lives. We can literally download apps for everything, be it for photos or TV or even a shopping cart. The apps have changed our lives and made it easy especially with the basic rates for mobile internet.

automobile apps development


This Internet of things is another marvel that has led to the next big revolution, automobile apps development. Yes, soon we will use automobile apps for connecting and integrating our cars into our life. Users can easily fit everything related to it in our pockets.

(A self-driving car operated by the app)

The combination of loT and automotive apps has made the vehicle more safe, efficient, cost-effective and less prone to crimes.

The future is gearing for an exciting change and let’s finds out how and if loT can integrate with automobile apps, cloud and computing services and change the automobile industry?

loT can provide these features:

Improved security and access

  • With automobile apps, the vehicle will be connected to the internet giving you better control/access to its every function.
  • The automotive apps will use your cell to close the windows or trunk with just a click, and you don’t even have to be there.
  • Some examples- MY BMW Remote App, a BMW app that lets the owners remote lock/unlock the car or turn on the heating system and much more.
  • Viper SmartStart integrated loT with legacy technology which has loT gadgets and mobile app. Once installed, the loT tech lets the user do anything with the app.
  • The loT has also enhanced the security of the car; the NFC feature of the door lock is great for people who keep losing the keys. Just register the lock on the phone with the associated automobile app, the car will be unlocked when you tap the phone against the app.
  • Even friends and family won’t be able to use the car until you give them the access. If you lose the phone, just register with another number using cloud technology. One example of this feature is Tap Key mobile app.
  • Another feature through loT is smart alarms, that send a notification to your mobile, if the car is been broken into or stolen, which you can track through the GPS connected to the app.

automobile apps development

Enhanced control over vehicle status and driving

  • Another feature of automobile app development with loT technology is onboard diagnostic (OBD).
  • This feature makes loT boxes your go to when you want to know how the vehicle is functioning or how the driver is. This is done through telematics devices that use cloud connection with loT, which is connected with different vehicle parts and communicates through smart sensors.
  • The automotive app with telematics system alerts drivers about speeding, over-acceleration and so on. It also uses the cloud service to let the driver know about any habits they should correct.
  • The Ecodrive app is an example of such a feature, which helps you drive safe.
  • The integration of loT and telematics lets the drivers know about maintenance issues like the malfunctioning engineer that can harm their life, by looking at the app on their cell. Example of this feature is Chrysler’s UConnect app.
  • When you switch vehicles, the data will be intact as this feature is standardized.

Improves vehicle safety through sensors

  • The main goal of loT is the safety of drivers by advocating safe driving and educating them to avoid accidents.
  • Installing loT sensors on roads helps the connected vehicles to alert the drivers when they are veering off the road, thus saving lives.
  • If the automobile is semi/fully autonomous, it can correct the vehicle’s course itself if the driver doesn’t react.
  • The automobile app development makes sure that they are connected to cloud servers and use the smart sensors to let the driver know about the road’s condition.

Aids in avoiding traffic

  • loT sensors can track the situation of traffic ahead and let the driver know about the estimated arrival time through their iPhone or Android mobile apps.
  • This helps drivers to plan their trips and routes beforehand thus, saving a lot of their time.

The automobile industry with the help of loT is certainly going to rule the world and make it safer one car at a time. But it has issues like hacking into the car through connected mobiles or not secured gadgets installed in the car is still prevalent.

Through automobile app development using loT the future of this industry is bright, with experts dwindling on features like parking the car with a tap. The only thing you need to remember while developing automobile app is that it should be created by experts and using code that is secured.

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