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How Much Does It Cost To Build On-Demand App Like-UrbanClap?

App like UrbanClap

App like UrbanClap

These days, the use of technology is everywhere. As we all now completely dependent on our mobile phone because it gives us the liberty to live our life happily. Whether it’s healthcare or education, we all have been using smartphones and mobile apps for a decade to accomplish specific tasks. From taxi booking to food ordering, we all are using on-demand services or apps to get many things done in a fast way. Moreover, due to the evolving demand of the consumers, entrepreneurs are entering into the new segment of on-demand services in order to simplify the task of finding and hiring professionals. Services like AC Service and Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Plumbing, Electrician, RO or Water Purifier Repair, Home Cleaning, Carpenters and others are now just a few clicks away. Yes, apps like UrbanClap, Helper, and Zimber are a successful example of them all.

If you want to build an on-demand app development, but don’t know where to start, look no further, here we will help you to make it real.

In this following article, we will discuss the various aspects of home services app development. And, make it clear as for how to build an on-demand service app like UrbenClap, Helper, and Zimber.

What is UrbanClap?

UrbanClap is a one-stop destination for urban living and lifestyle. With this, you can hire the professionals to get the things done that are related to you or matter to you in your daily lifestyle.

In today’s world, everyone is busy working and looking for jobs. But most of the time people do not get what they need or they applied for. Nowadays, what people need is that without going anywhere they get what they want to be done easily.

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Isn’t it cool that by sitting on your couch you can get your house cleaned easily with a single click? UrbanClap is an application that provides you with the services by just selecting it and clicking on the application.

There is more than one service on the application that UrbanClap serves you with. Not only UrbanClap provides the services, but also it collaborates with different people and firms that are ready to provide these services to their customers on a daily basis.

To get the services from UrbanClap you need to post the service required and the service providers will contact you and you can set an appointment with them. A user can also talk with them about the budget they have and what they are willing to offer the user.

People can also connect to the nearby or neighborhood or from the selected location and they allow the work with professionals.

Well, everyone these days is busy and sometimes the thought comes in mind that if you could hire somebody for doing the daily work or work on a weekly basis. In this busy schedule, it is a very excellent idea to get the work done in a seamless way without looking for the service providers.

A new feature will help the user to pick the right service for them. It is a safer way because all the service providers are listed in a way. So the user can view the history panel after logging in the account and will be able to get in touch with the service providers if the user needs them back.

The UI of the application is hassle free for the users. The user does not need to panic if they are not getting the time to get the work done on time. Now with this interactive app UI, they can post the services they need and can get the work done easily on a single click. Even the in-app calls and messages are stored in the application history.

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Tour To Use UrbanClap App

A user can choose more than 50 services and book any type of services on the application based on the costs approved by the app admin. Now, how the application works are they send a notification to the service providers and then the service providers are shipped to your home at the same time and location which is provided in the application.

You just simply need to send the request for professional services by an app answering simple questions. Now select from the list of pre-screened experts as per your own demands and necessities. One can also look for professional reviews. Also, you can hire the best one you like.

Let’s discuss the key services provided by this application or the categories provided:

1. Home Cleaning & Repair:

  • Geyser/Water Heater Repair
  • Electrician
  • Washing Machine
  • Carpenter
  • TV & Freeze
  • Home Deep Cleaning

2. Shifting Home

  • Packers & Movers
  • Pest Control
  • Home Cleaning
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Sofa
  • Carpet
  • Water Tank

3. Tutors & Lessons

  • Mathematics Tutor
  • Home Tutor
  • English Tutor
  • Commerce Tutor

4. Home Design & Construction

  • Interior
  • Architect
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Painters
  • CCTV Cameras

5. Wedding Services

  • Wedding Photography
  • Pre-Wedding Shoot
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Wedding Planning
  • Pre-Bridal Beauty Package

6. Health & Wellness

  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietician
  • Yoga Trainer
  • Fitness Trainer at Home

7. Party & Event Services

  • Birthday Party
  • Event Photography
  • Party Makeup artist

8. Business

  • Web Designer
  • CA for Small Business
  • Lawyer
  • CA for Tax Registration

on-demand service app like UrbenClap

Key Features of the Application are listed below

Customer App Features

urbanclap user panel

  • Quick and Simple Registrations
  • Simple Login & Login with Social Media
  • Eye-catching User-Friendly Interface
  • Advanced Search Filter
  • Service Feedbacks
  • Chat & Quote History
  • Payment History
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Data Security & Safety

Local Vendors & Features

  • Fast Registration & Login
  • Profile Analysis
  • Different Rate Plans
  • Real-Time Data
  • Full Charity Maintenance
  • In-App Chat with Customers
  • Reply to Clients Feedbacks
  • Updating the Working State
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Real-time Data
  • Service Rating & Charges Listings- Hourly, Fixed, etc.

Admin Panel

urbanclap admin panel

  • Full Admin Control Panel
  • Advanced CRM & CMS
  • Backup and Restore Feature
  • Work, Records Bill & Payments History
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Accounts & Taxation Setting Ads & Promotions
  • Notification Control From Backend
  • Global Access
  • Map Viewer for Clients and associates
  • Price & Subscription Plan Management

Advanced Features

  • Cloud Environment
  • Predictive Search
  • Promo/Offer
  • Purchase Package
  • Membership
  • Push-notification
  • In-app Wallet

Technologies (Language & Framework)

To build such an application, Swift for iOS and Java for Android gives native experience.

Android Development: Android Studio

IOS Development: Swift

PHP Framework: PHP, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery

Database: MySQL

Hosting: Amazon Cloud

Additional Technologies

Twilio or similar– for text messaging

Mapkit– for easy maps integration

CoreLocation– This is used to provide real-time tracking of the user’s Geolocation.

Facebook SDK and Google Sign In– For a fast, and easy sign in via social channels.

PayPal Payments Pro/Stripe Payments Tool– for online payments.

Real-time Analytics– Google Analytics, Flurry, etc.

Cloud Technology– Amazon Data Servers, Google Cloud Server

How To Make On Demand Service App Like UrbanClap?

How to make similar apps like UrbanClap? To answer this question, let’s take a look at the components that also help you reveal the cost of App Development like UrbanClap.

Mobile Platform

Building an app for a single platform is no longer enough. You need to target myriad platforms to reach maximum consumers. Although, it may be tough and challenging especially when you have limited resources.

Development Team

Hire a team of experienced developers, and quality analysts who are expert in App Development like UrbanClap. Thus, the cost may vary depending upon the experienced developers or resources you hire.

App UX/UI Design

You should consider impressive and eye-catching User Interface that is in trend. Because users are attracted by influential design. The color combination should be very clean and good looking.

Third Party API

Third party APIs drive up the cost of application development, but these APIs will give a number of advantages to your customers.

Technology Used

You should consider advanced technology to run your application flawlessly. Technologies like Chatbot, Automation, cloud solution, etc., will give special attention to your customers.


You should implement various testing factors while developing an app to make your application errors or bugs free. Make sure your Quality Analysts team has vast experience of all types of testing methods.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build On-Demand App Like-UrbanClap?

App Development Cost = Development Time x Hourly Rate

Depending upon the various panels, features, technology, and functionalities, the cost of an app like UrbanClap is between $15000 to $30,000. If you want to develop it from scratch, then it will take you around 3 to 4 months in both IOS and Android platform.

If we talk about the location wise cost, the cost of developing a mobile app like UrbanClap in North America is around $200/h while it costs $25/h in India. The cost that we have discussed varies depending on the experience of a mobile app developer you hire.

If you are looking technology partner for building a mobile application like this then Endive Software is the best option for you. Hire our experienced mobile app developer to build a clone of an app like UrbanClap.

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