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How Much It Costs To Build And Maintain An Ecommerce Website Like Amazon And Flipkart?

Ecommerce Product Like Amazon And Flipkart

Flipkart & Amazon both are the top e-Commerce platforms providing the best and variety of products to the customers in different countries. Well, Flipkart was started in Bangalore by 2 individuals and initially were selling books online, and now you can see for yourself how they have enhanced their business and the different range of products they are selling in India.

Amazon was started off by Jeff Bezos, in the year 1994 and started selling books initially and now they offer a wide range of products across the world.

Acquiring 1.2 billion customers is not easy. That is the combined number of customers that are leading online stores across the globe serviced in 2015. E-Commerce has always been one of the fastest-growing industries and nothing seems to be slowing down the process. In February 2017, Amazon itself acquired 300 million active users. However there are a lot of things which made the process a lot faster and behind this success, lies the design that the products have been made and deployed. 

If you are thinking of launching your e-Commerce platform or if you were just wondering what it takes to create a website with a huge success then you might have to take a closer look to the article down below.

e-Commerce Web Application Development Companies

Well, there are different parts of Website which have their own cost and it’s time to take a closer look and let’s try to understand them. Website based mobile app for your e-commerce shop can cost you differently.

  1. Website Theme

The uprising online e­­-Commerce has given rise to a huge number of e-commerce platforms in the industry. It is very crowded for any new user. There are dozens of e-Commerce platforms and among them, 4-5 are the most used platforms. These include Magento, Big Cartel, Shopify, & 3DCart.

The cost of the design which you prefer give your platform depends upon which e-Commerce platform you choose which could be something like Flipkart, or Amazon. The SaaS solution can take around $20-$30 each month. The price could vary expansively based on the level of customization you need that has to be done in your design.

The overall amount that these designs can cost you could be around $250-$300. Also, Magento among the entire platform is the most used and also offers: 

  • High-end Scalability
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Multi-Store Support
  • Flexibility
  • Multi-Language and Currency Support.
  • 3rd Party Integration Compatible
  1. Web Store

This is the major part of the investment into any e-Commerce platform which is about the web store. The design and the communication of the site will define the experience your customers are gonna have. Well depending upon the level of customization and an expected amount of traffic the designer will have to idealize several revenue streams. After all, it will be the face of the business and thus it will require the maximum focus and amount of investment.

The amount of money it will cost to customize and create a Web Store for the expected amount of traffic could cost you around $18000-$25000.

  1. Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateways are one of the major parts of any e-Commerce websites. The payment gateway is all about how you would be allowing your customers to pay you for the services you are providing to them. The number of options your customers will have the higher is the chances of getting a revenue generation.  It is also mandatory to check that the payment gateway integration in your website or apps have supports the Multi-language and Multi-Currency feature in it.

It will be depending upon the markets you are targeting there are certainly many choices out there for you.

  1. Mobile App Design & Development

We are all in the generation of Smart-phones; you can’t do a thing without having a Smart-phone in your hand. Without a mobile application in today’s world, it’s next to impossible that you would be successful in running an e-Commerce platform. . Especially with online shopping, well it becomes necessary that you out your e-Commerce store in the right hands of the audience. Well, you need to ensure that the user experience is consistent across all the devices and that the customer will be able to find the products they would be looking for. Also, mobile makes it convenient for shoppers but the crucial investment on part of the entrepreneur. 

  1. Content

A website is all about its content and the way the content is presented on it. With the product images, product descriptions and everything which is aimed to inform the audience about the business and its offering services. Apart from the regular fresh content, you need to invest in SEO services for your platform.

This can cost you around $4000-$5000 including the textual content, content related to pictures and including SEO.

  1. Maintenance & Security

Last but not least, it is all about how well you maintain your website and how secure it is or you can make it. Regular updates, SSL certifications, encrypted servers and will ensure that the customer feels confident sharing personal information or while making the transactions. Security on a website like this is very crucial for it to succeed in the market. If you are able to create a Website Amazon or Flipkart, it would cost you around $60000-$80000.

Well it also depends upon the number of features you add in your website, the more the features the more investment in the website.


E-Commerce Web Development companies are there for you if you are wondering to build an e-commerce app like Amazon and Flipkart. These e-Commerce web development companies will help you build web e-Commerce application.

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