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How to Build a Video Walkie-Talkie App like Marco Polo?

Video Walkie-Talkie App like Marco Polo

Marco Polo, well not the traveler from the 12th century it’s a real-time application running in the 21st century. Just like the Snapchat and Instagram stories, it is also a video message sending an application. What if you call only Marco? It doesn’t feel right you have to call Polo with it so it becomes the full word Marco Polo.

It was on air in 2016 by Joya Communications and was created in 2014. Joya Communication was founded by Michael Botnik and Vlada Botnik. The application marketing was done under the name of Video Walkie-Takie.

The short videos send in this kind of application is known as Polos. It comes under the category of Social Networking. Well talking about an name and about the application the name comes from the past which itself states that a long time ago people had the limited amount of options for exchanging information with each other young kids or students can’t imagine a world where there no or few ways to communicate either face-to-face or through those old telephones.

marco polo app development

What do we get to know about Marco Polo App?

Well, Marco Polo video app is an instant video Messaging application that starts with the user registration with their Name, E-mail and Phone Number.

The users will be easily able to find the users who are using this application just by syncing their contacts with the applications. The home page contains the users which a user can make a video chat. All the users added in the contact list can see the chat history and all the videos to re-watch them.

How does the Application works?

 With this application, users can make short videos and can send them to their friends or other users who are in their contact list in the application. Users also can edit the videos and images they click and record through the application.

A user can draw, edit, or can add new filters to the videos and images they have clicked through the app. Moreover, these short videos can be sent to the contacts they have added in the application or simply toothier friends who are using the same application.

They have their own tag line which is stated like this “Bye-Bye-Phone and awkward voicemails … and hello Marco Polo!”

Marco button in the application is for sharing the pin which eventually signifies your location. According to the location, it shows you the list of friends in which you can select one which you can share your message.

Marco Polo App Chat

Marco Polo app is assumed to be a less formal, and less invasive. Also, you don’t need to share your location with anyone and still you can select and choose who you can share your information within the Find my Friends Option.

Marco Polo App Chat

Moreover, you can choose to delete the flattering videos, but until you make up your mind to delete the video you still can watch all the videos you have received and sent to others.

The Marco Polo app text message features enable you to view all the messages you have sent and received from the friends or any contact because unlike Snapchat Marco Polo app remembers all information that you have received on the application. You can only send videos on the application though not the pictures.

Also in the apps like Marco Polo you get different types of Push Notifications like if you send a video to someone and if they open it afterward, now the application sends you a notification that your Polo has opened. Or while creating a video which is viewable afterward, or when the internet is so choppy. These notifications can be turned off if they become annoying.

Let’s take a look

“What do Parents need to know about Marco Polo?”

Fun things about the App: The app comes with low risk from the limited testing. Strangers can’t access the user’s profile. It means that all the Polo’s or Videos waiting to be viewed are from the friends/contacts that the users have on the application. This application can be used in both Android & iOS.

Spamming: The app makes all your contacts ping to join the application. It’s also annoying to watch everyone’s is getting pinged through an application. The application does it in order to get who is on the Marco Polo Applications from all the contacts.

Google Access: There is a hidden Google access in every other Application which is stated under the privacy rules or Terms and Conditions.

Advancement in Technology

Advancement in technologies in today’s world is very important. Also, it is very important to determine what and how to develop an app which rolls out with all the advancement of technology and make changes in the communication side by side. If we talk about the things that replaced each other with the advancement in them then it becomes a bigger list. Some items from the list are Landline which replaced Telegraphs, Cell Phones which replaced Landlines and the list goes on and on like this.

  • Communication in Different Style or Medium,
  • Variety of choice for how to communicate,
  • Access to More information,
  • Cost-effective and quick Communication.

The advancement in technology has created a world where people can stay connected with each other more safely and closely. It’s like in the old times we were losing the human touch with everyone. The boom in the industry has replaced everything. Post Mails are replaced by E-Mails social media is now replacing the text messages, so in all the technology is shaping the communication for a century now.

App development agencies or companies are the best in this industry to get in contact with in order to build an app like Marco Polo. If you want to build an app like this then you should be having good knowledge about this industry and the people you should contact to get this app developed for you. As the communication in on the verge and is changing day by day with these fancy application this is a social networking application towards which people are attracted. Marco Polo video walkie-talkie app is the new trend in the social networking and communication industry.

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