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28 Aug

How to build a successful Ecommerce Marketplace

Thinking about building an ecommerce website Development for yourself? Thrilled with just by the idea of it being successful, but don’t really know what you should do? Well, my friend you are not alone. The ever booming and fastest growing digital industry – Ecommerce Development Services is about to experience even more growth. According to business experts it will surpass a triple trillion dollars in the years to come. Even though this looks like an easy and highly profitable busi[...]

25 Aug

Top 5 Things To Consider Before Hiring PHP Developer

The internet has reached in every aspect of our lives. We interact with and depend on, various websites and applications to schedule our task, for entertainment, shopping, managing finances and a lot more. If your business offers unique product or service, then you surely require a website to reach out to more potential customers via the medium of internet. It allows you to keep up the pace with other companies in this competitive world. PHP has become a popular technology among businesses whic[...]

24 Aug

Reasons To Employ Kotlin Android App Development Language

Ever since the launch of Kotlin from Google, it has created quite a buzz in the Android app development world. The language today boasts itself as one of the most capable Android programming languages with its precise and specific approach towards programming. Unlike the loquacity of Java, Knotlin helps the Android app developers to track each functional aspect of programming with accuracy, thus allowing them to make innovative applications. The brevity featured by Kotlin further allows the deve[...]

24 Aug

Android Oreo Launched – Key Features of The Latest 8.0 Update

Bringing all the naming speculations finally to rest, Google has officially named its latest Android 8.0 update as Android Oreo. The great news for the Google and Android smartphone owners comes on the eve of 21st Aug 2017, welcomed by a long trail of tweets on Twitter. Other than the curious Android developers it is a great news for the Oreo fans who can now have the sweetest flavour of their cookie on their Android smartphone. Google would have had a tough time choosing between the equally de[...]

21 Aug

Tips to Improve iPhone app development process

Apple remains to be among the leading mobile platforms, and when it comes to developing innovative applications for users, it remains to be highly beneficial for any iPhone applications development company. Apple is quite often known for its high-quality apps and comes with strict requirements for iOS app developers. It requires the careful following of standard practices in order to attain acceptance into the App Store. However, the user friendliness and usability for users remain to be importa[...]

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21 Aug

iOS App Development Trends To Watch in 2017

With the advent of iPhones and iPads, iOS has been undergoing tremendous growth. When it comes to the role of mobile application, it has been broadening over the time as their utility has diffused in different facets of the current generation. These mobile apps have become an essential part of our daily life with an everlasting positive impression on our day to day work. This has led to improved processes for iPhone app development which has resulted in more advanced apps catering the current ma[...]

24 Jul

Top 5 Frameworks For Dynamic PHP Web Application Development

PHP web development framework has been around for many years now, modified and updated regularly to extend its list of capabilities and meet the diverse web application needs of various businesses from around the globe. Added to the resource library is its long list of web development frameworks, that are developed differently to meet specific web development service requirements from different businesses. Today, the much arduous task of developing dynamic web applications is made much simpler w[...]

15 Jun

Top Perks of An Ideal Hospital Management Information System

With the increased competition in the business world, no industry has remained untouched by its adverse effects and harsh challenges. The healthcare industry is no exception! The increased competition in the healthcare industry has caused the hospitals to change their major operating procedures in coordination with technology. One of the major technologies that have assisted hospitals in withstanding the competition is the introduction of HMIS solution. Helping the hospitals with optimum resourc[...]

14 Jun

Key Technology Challenges Faced By the Healthcare Industry

Telehealth has inevitably become an integral part of the healthcare industry and its advancement in the sector is picking up an enormous pace with every new addition in the field. Though the need for technology and its potential in the field are touching unexplored peaks, there are various challenges faced by the healthcare industry that is impeding the way for innovation. Adding to the complexities, there was the introduction of HIPAA Compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability)[...]

13 Jun

How Healthcare Industry Opens Door For Technology in The Future

Over the years technology has been making its way against all odds to transform the healthcare services into a more proactive, prompt and convenient approach. The healthcare industry has now started integrating real-time communication techniques into their systems. As we talk more specifically, telehealth is growing rapidly in the healthcare industry along with m-Health that adds to the benefits of remote assistance and other functionalities. Though the healthcare industry has been reluctant to [...]

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