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iOS 11 Bring new features for iPhone app development
07 Nov

New iOS 11:Much Broader Opportunities for developing iOS Apps

Apple has brought a lot of features with the launch of iOS 11. It introduced various development aspects which can be used to create better apps. The iOS apps will become more intuitive and interactive for the users. It will transform the iOS app development. In iOS 11, the control centre got a major change. It now has a larger interface which provides more of the display. It also comes with different functions present on one page. The user doesn’t have to swipe between panels to access s[...]

Future of Mobile App Development in Artifical Intelligence
07 Nov

Artificial Intelligence: Future of Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the business and technological world as we know it. Innovators are already exploring and expanding this into the business industry. It is certainly in the case of mobile app development. AI is no longer limited to personal assistants like Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant. In future, we will see more mobile app developers integrating AI into their apps. In general, it is the system or technology which performs the tasks. It is done without usi[...]

03 Nov

Why HealthCare Organisation Believe To Take Solutions From Salesforce Development?

With increasing number of patients, healthcare organizations now face many challenges. Healthcare industry evolved over the years to meet added demands and requirements. Many healthcare technologies got introduced to make things manageable. The most common goal of these technologies is to provide an improvement of experience of patients. The industry is transitioning further away from a model based on pay-per-service. It is moving towards more holistic as well as outcome-based reimbursements for[...]

01 Nov

What Technology Do You Need to Build a Travel App?

The application but also a rough blueprint is the basic. As a client, if I want to hire web and android or IOS developers, first of all, I need a platform and as an app development company, it needs a good client who can fulfill the economic needs of the company. Any aspirant who is seeking a developer needs a platform which is provided by any software company who designs any application or website for all its clients. With amplifying technology, The world becomes shorter and easily approachable[...]

31 Oct

How much does it cost to build a Bitcoin Wallet App?

Bitcoin is the latest trend in the market. It is changing the world of the digital transaction as we speak. Numerous business sectors like retail, banking, e-commerce stores, etc. now accepts bitcoins as a payment method. To receive, manage and send bitcoins, people often use bitcoin wallet apps. A bitcoin wallet is bitcoin equivalent of a bank account. It allows the user to receive as well as store bitcoins. The user can also send the bitcoins to other user using these apps. But when it comes [...]

endive software

30 Oct

What other ERP trends would be include for the coming year and beyond?

In past few years, the ERP market has become popular among businesses providing enterprise-wide solutions. Such solutions have a variety of functionalities. They allow the ERP solutions to be integrated with business solutions. These solutions are scalable as per growing business requirement. ERP software development will witness a major shift. The market will evolve with wide changes made in pricing models along with deployment methods and vertical market adaptations. Advancement in technologie[...]

28 Oct

How Web Designing And Hiring Professional Web Designing Company Could Be So Beneficial!

Before you are going to read this, I am sure that all of you know about the word “website” and if not, at that point you have to realize that a website is nothing but a gathering of related website pages, including content. There is a hardened competition among organizations and to survive this opposition, a website is absolutely a necessary prerequisite. Presently the main thing is to how to search or outline your website? There are two approaches to do that: The first is without an[...]

26 Oct

Unconventional Knowledge About Agile Web Solutions That You Can't Learn From Books

Most of the people wonder about Agile web solutions. There is little knowledge about Agile web development available online. Agile web development is essentially a wide category of methodologies. It is based on principles outlined in the much-coveted Manifesto for Agile Software Development. This particular manifesto was duly compiled by expert developer team, back in 2001. Various specific methods like Scrum and XP are often considered agile. However, they did exist before writing down of this [...]

26 Oct

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

The world is astounded with the emergence of cryptocurrency. It has revolutionized digital transaction and has varied applications. But most of the people don’t yet know about cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital money which is designed to be both secure as well as anonymous, in most cases. It is a currency which is associated with the internet which utilizes cryptography. Cryptography is a process of converting legible data and information into uncrackable cod[...]

24 Oct

Things You Didn't Know About Software Application Development Company

There are numerous software development companies in the world. The number is in millions. In case you are wondering, what is common among them then you aren’t alone. There are many unsaid things about these companies. There is a definite culture in such companies and latest trends that are emerging. Here we will discuss top 5 things you most likely don’t know about software application development companies.   1. Modular architecture Software architectures are no longer mono[...]

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