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19 Dec

Advanced Features and Cost of an Online Dating App

The online dating industry is gaining popularity and is in huge demand nowadays. There are thousands of mobile dating apps available on the market. These apps allow mutually-interested users to chat with each other. Apart from chatting, they let users find his/her partner around them and fix a date. An app like Tinder was the first in its niche and is still one of the most renowned dating apps which connect people with same interest. Today, there are enormous mobile dating apps like Tinder but [...]

Health and Fitness Mobile Application
17 Dec

Cost of Developing a Health and Fitness Mobile Application

Health and Fitness mobile apps have revolutionized our work in many ways in last few years. Today events tracing to an impulse of not to end, socializing and even training, these apps have become the vital part of our lives. These applications act like we are having a doctor or a personal coach in a pocket inexpensive for everybody. Truly, technology is springing to force us to be salubrious and healthier. Nowadays health and fitness Mobile applications are endeavoring to replace the gym quite [...]

On Demand App Like Uber
13 Dec

Cost of developing on demand mobile application

On-demand application development is the type of application distribution representation that is extended and maintained by the help of cloud computing support and reached by customers over the Internet when they require. The on-demand software enables the organization to contribute to mobile application on a recurrent billing method. When we speak further about on-demand applications, it is important to hold the common evolutionary structure connected with all startups in memory. It is a case [...]

12 Dec

How much does it cost to build a Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery industry has evolved over the years. With the introduction of mobile apps, this industry has become more customer-oriented. Food delivery apps provide much-needed convenience and choices to the customers. It allows the customers to book any food dish from various restaurants and eateries. The food items get delivered to their doorstep with few touches on the screen at a great pace. To develop a food delivery app, various aspects need to be considered. It also determines the develo[...]

Movers and Packers Mobile App
11 Dec

What are the feature and Cost to Build a Movers and Packers Mobile App

Packers and movers industry has gained popularity over the years. A large number of people uses packers and movers to shift from their residential places. Most of them do it due to employment reasons or for better business opportunities. There is skyrocketing on-demand solutions required to assist this industry. To help these companies in operations, mobile apps have become essential. The major notion behind packers and movers app development is to assist in shifting activities. Most of these a[...]

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Magento Development Company
10 Dec

Top Reasons to Choose Magento 2 over Magento 1

If you are reading this, it can be well assumed that you know a thing or two about eCommerce development and are looking for the optimum platform on which you can trust your future ventures. Then you might also know that there is no death of eCommerce platforms in the market with dozens of options available. But if you consider just one simple fact that almost 1 out of every 4 eCommerce applications are built on Magento, it clearly indicates that it is, by all means, the most popular and compete[...]

09 Dec

New Feature in PHP Development that you should to look At

At present PHP is considered be among the most widely used programming language when it comes to web development. With the latest release of PHP7, the whole PHP community was excited as it was among the biggest release made for PHP in recent years. It certainly added more features and versatility to this great programming language. PHP 7 emerged as one of the preferred programming languages among web developers. It is due to its inherent advanced features and improved functionalities. It has ma[...]

Augmented Reality app Development using ARKit
07 Dec

How to make an Augmented Reality app Development using ARKit

Apple recently announced that it would bring a revolutionary addition to AR market which will transform it. With the release of developer framework specifically for Augmented Reality (AR) by Apple, the ARKit, the transformation is already there. To help you guide through developing a comprehensive, rich-feature app, it is beyond the scope our article. However, we can explain how to develop AR apps for iOS devices using 3D AR/VR platform using ARKit. We will explain how AR point cloud which is s[...]

Magento For Ecommerce website Development
06 Dec

why everyone choosing magento for Ecommerce website Development

Over the years significant improvements have been made in Magento. There is increase ease in usage as well as convenience in operations. That is why ecommerce owners are using it more often. Big brands such as Samsung, Nike, Lenovo, Fox Connect etc. are using Magento since its introduction. There are a plethora of reasons behind the use of Magento by businesses. When it comes to creating a new store or changing to new version, Magento is top choice. It is a comprehensive framework which has pro[...]

Drupal 8 for Software Development Services
05 Dec

Why Drupal 8 is the platform of choice for CMS Projects?

Drupal is one of the most famous Content Management System (CMS).  It has been the right CMS platform and powering more than one million websites across the globe. It holds a successful history in catering complex website development needs of the software development companies and delivering the best digital experiences from the last 15 years.  It is the platform that brings all the organization into the same platform, whether it is private, government or a global institute. It is the [...]

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