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13 Must-have Features In The Best Online Cab Booking App


The online taxi booking app development process can be considered as one of the best mobile app development processes. Taxi booking apps like Ola and Uber has given consumer ease to travel anywhere and anytime without worrying about anything. Seeing the success of such online taxi booking app, many business and entrepreneurs are encouraged to invest and create online taxi booking clone apps.

The taxi app developers like Uber makes sure to add some unique features to their app to remain at the top of the industry. If you also want to be part of this industry, the process of taxi mobile app development should be interactive and unique and must serve all the benefits.

In India, car rental system has seen a drastic boom in a couple of years. Many new business entrepreneurs have started their new car rental ventures with clone script.

The online taxi booking app must be highly interactive and user-friendly. This mobile app should focus on being simple yet well defined.

Before we jump into the features of the best cab booking app like Uber, let’s understand the types of business models there are:

Ownership Model

This online taxi booking model represents cab hiring platforms that have their own fleet of cars, and which they offer when asked. Brands that are based on this ownership model initially offers the rental services in one specific region, and then expands their business to other areas.

Example of a taxi booking app under this model:

  • Meru Cab
  • Easy Cabs

Aggregator Model

The online cab booking services under this model ask the partner cab service provider to fulfill the demands made by the clients. They are neither involved in the delivery nor have a fleet of cars at disposal.

Example of cabs under this model:

  • Ola
  • Uber
  • Taxiguide
  • Getmecab

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Must have features for the best taxi booking app:

If you as an investor or an entrepreneur want to jump into the world of cabs and online taxi booking app and compete with the above-mentioned brands, you must read the following must-have features for your app.

Basic functionality for booking cab

The basic layout of the online booking app must be interactive and impressive. All the features must be well-defined and should focus on serving the consumer well and keep in mind their requirements.

1. User Guide

After the app is launched, a user guide which is well-defined should come up and get the user familiar with every aspect of the app. Also, it must guide the users to crucial mobile features, a guide should be UX rich.

2. Easy sign-Up process

The signup process should be easy and user-friendly. Let the user have the option to sign up using mobile no or email or even social media buttons, only asking for necessary details.

3. Booking process

The next screen that they should see must be the cab booking space which will require them to fill out their destination and select the GPS to locate their current location.

4. A feature to save their favorite location

A user should have the option to save a location that he/she travels to the most like their home and office for easy cab booking

5. Estimated time of arrival

When the user is booking the cab, they must be aware of the time the cab will take to reach them so that they can cancel it if its too far away.

6. Add the feature of scheduling a ride

If the rider wants to book a cab for a later time in the day when he/she is traveling to the airport to catch a flight, then they should have this feature. So, add the feature to schedule a cab and select the type for a future traveling plan later in the day.

7. Confirmation and details

After the cab is booked, the user must get the full details like cab no, driver name and most important price. A rate card should also be present so that the user knows how the charges were made.

8. Feature to calculate the price before

The online taxi booking app must have a feature that calculates the price of the ride and let the users know before they say yes to the ride.

9. Review and rating system

After the ride is completed the user should be asked about their ride experience and review so that you can serve them better in the future. This can be done by using a 5-star rating system, and a small optional review.

These were the basic features of the cab, now let’s look at the distinguished features of the online cab booking app that will make it unique.

Some Notable features: –

1. History of rides taken

All the rides taken by the user in the past must be listed in a section with details about the pickup and drop location as well as price. This helps to deal with any problem that may come up in the future.

2. Referral program

Since it is a new and people love discounts, have a referral system via which both the person who sends the referral and who gets the invite gets some cash off their rides. This will help engage new consumers and retain older ones.

3. Emergency contact and button

To make the ride secure for the user, the app must include a feature that lets them share their ride details with some emergency contacts. Also, if some problem arises, there must be an emergency button to inform the contacts about your trouble.

4. A tab for FAQs

Since this is still a new thing especially in India and developing companies, it must have a section that answers all the generic and simple questions that a new user may have.

These are the features that you must have if you’re planning to develop an online cab booking app. This industry is booming, and the need for taxis never decreases, so with a brilliant app and safe traveling, you can too achieve success in this industry. Hire a taxi app developer and indulge in taxi booking app development to rear its benefits.

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