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Best Mobile App Building Platforms and Tools


Mobile applications are being used in every corner of the universe. Having a mobile app for personal use or for business purpose is becoming important nowadays. Thus, businesses around the world, running a ridiculous range of mobile applications. Though for many of us, it may sound very technical, but really, with the help of the most advanced mobile app building tools or platforms, the mobile app developers can build any kind of mobile apps in mere minutes. We all know that each platform has its unique, functionality, features, capabilities, and behavior that make you able to build mobile applications for various platforms.

Are you looking for building your own mobile app for a very specific purpose, but don’t have technical knowledge? Don’t worry; there are many ways to do it as you can build your own mobile app with minimal technical knowledge.

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Here is a list of most advanced and coolest tools or platforms you can steal to build mobile apps.

Best Mobile App Building Platforms and Tools


PhoneGap, it is the most famous tool among the developers for building applications for Android, iOS, Palm, BlackBerry, and Symbian. The noteworthy feature of this tool is its device hardware support which helps developers to sport useful features in the applications such as GPS, accelerometer, camera, sound and more. This open-source platform also helps developers to build cross-platform applications quickly. Moreover, PhoneGap is a product of Adobe is based in the cloud that makes us able to translate code from CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5.


It is the most advanced tool that is widely used by developers to build native and desktop applications with the help of web programming languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. The Titanium Development Platform does an excellent job by helping developers to build apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, HTML5 and Hybrid apps. This is an open and extensible tool which supports more than 5,000 devices and OS APIs, MVC framework Alloy and Eclipse-based IDE Studio.


Here is another wonderful open-source and cross-platform app development tool which is widely used for building truly native mobile applications with JavaScript, Angular, and Typescript. It allows developers to build and execute native mobile applications for Android and iOS from a single code base. This tool features hundreds of NativeScript plugins that are very useful to empower the native mobile apps.


Monocross, another free and cross-platform mobile app development tool which lets you build apps using C#, Microsoft.NET and Mono framework. By using this framework, you can build multi-platform supported mobile apps for Android and iOS, Windows Phone and WebKit-enabled devices. The Monocross gives the developer full access to native device APIs while still coding in C#.

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It is the most advanced platform which is featured with impressive features to make developers life easier. What makes Kony platform best for developers are that its automatic coding capability, app review facility, and API connection? Moreover, Kony comes featured with testing tools and analytics, whereas the pre-built apps make it easier to develop an app in minutes. In addition, it has Kony Visualizer which makes design capabilities into the application development environment. Kony platform is best for those who are dealing with diverse devices and want apps that integrate with SAP and Oracle backend.


Xamarin is another widely-used cross-platform app development tool from Microsoft which allows developers to build native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, using a C# codebase. Applications developed through this tool can be tested on any number of devices with the help of cloud services. Additionally, Xamarin comes up with in-built sample apps, to help developers get app development started fast. Apart from that, the most interesting feature of Xamarin is that it allows code sharing in multiple platforms.


RhoMobile is an open-source framework which is based on Ruby. This platform is known as Rhodes, which allows developers to build apps quickly for all major OS and Smartphones such as Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, and RIM. The developers can build a single time code to the data-centric and cross-platform native apps. Applications developed in RhoMobile are advanced and secure. RhoMobile provides an excellent development environment to develop an application, whereas it has RhoSync, a standalone server, which helps you store all the app data.


Ionic is the best framework to build mobile applications for multiple operating systems. This platform is based on SASS CSS language which makes it pretty easy to use and build mobile applications. This framework can be integrated with Angular JS to build more secure and advanced applications. This framework comes featured with predefined components, while a set of libraries makes it easier to develop feature-rich mobile applications. It is one of the best frameworks for those who want to build Hybrid apps for their business as this 100% free tool which has a wide set of libraries, components, and security features.


MobinCube is the choice of many developers as well as business owners. This framework has capabilities to provide everything to build apps which make it different from the other frameworks. MobinCube has various impressive features such as visual development interface, inbuilt templates, Google Analytics, Customization and source code which help developers to build apps quickly. This is the best framework to build apps for stores and business, educational, health, entertainment and more.

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Sencha is one of the best frameworks. It has a complete set of tools which helps developers to craft cross-platform applications for all major platforms. Thus, it has three advanced frameworks for Sencha app development, such as Sencha GXT, Sencha Ext JS, and Sencha Touch, which do their work to build highly secure and quality applications.

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