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10 Best Camera Apps For Android To Click Quality Photos

10 Best Camera Apps For Android To Click Quality Photos

Today, nearly everyone carries a high-quality camera phone in their pocket to capture quality photos. Despite having the best photo quality, the default camera apps of smartphones have failed to attract customers due to minimal editing features that is why most of the users have moved to third party photo editing apps to add more touch in their photos.

In today’s time, in tech space, every second news that surfaced online is about camera-featured smartphones. Looking at the increasing number of smartphone users, smartphone makers are focusing more on camera quality and other features to make their cameras work better in all conditions.

How easy it will be if you take and edit photos at the same time using the same app. Yes! You can make your smartphone camera better with the right camera apps.

Google Play Store has a myriad of camera apps. All these apps have many cool camera features right from photo capturing to photo editing to photo sharing. But you may be confused about which one is the best for your smartphone.

Best Camera Apps For Android

In this article, here we will discuss the 10 best DSLR camera apps, Camera Zoom App or best Android camera apps for free that you can download anytime from Android Play Store.

10 Best Camera Apps For Android Smartphones

  1. Instagram

Everyone living in this era probably knows what Instagram is. Owned by Facebook, Instagram is the world’s most popular camera app and photo-sharing app. As a matter of fact, this social platform with over 1 billion users has become the second-most downloaded mobile app. This photo editing and photo sharing app offer plenty of options to make photo editing and photo/video sharing more enjoyable. Using the built-in camera, you can take photos and edit them with lots of filters, add stickers, text, and even more to the end result. In addition to taking live photos, one can load an existing photo into the app and can edit them with Instagram’s built-in editing tools.

  1. Retrica

Retrica is one of the most downloaded camera apps that has been designed to make photo capturing enjoyable and fun. This app is best for taking selfies as it has many filters and effects making it a perfect camera app. This app has no manual control over your camera as when you open the app, it automatically uses the phone’s camera and allows you to apply filters at the point of capture. Moreover, you can easily build Retrica like camera app for Android phones following all the features and components.

  1. Google Snapseed

If you’re keen about photography and looking for an app to edit and fine-tune your photos with, there is no better choice than Google’s Snapseed. This is incredibly the best free photo editor app available on Android and iOS. Snapseed comes loaded with advanced filter tools that the one can explore for a better photo editing experience. With its unique gesture-based interface, you can have incredible control over its effects and filters. Using the app, you can capture a new photo to edit or select a photo already on your phone.

  1. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is one of the best photo editing apps with over 500 million downloads. This app features a built-in camera, video-editor, photo-editor, collage-maker, and other tools. You can download this app to enjoy advanced features and tools of this app. The free-to-use remixing feature of this app is amazing as you can add several effects in a single photo and can share them on social media channels.

  1. Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX is another most popular zoom camera app Android that provides amazing features to its users. This app is designed to have a good amount of manual control over the camera. This app comes featured with various shooting modes such as stable shot mode, best shot mode, time-lapse mode, HDR mode, and many others. This app also has advanced features like digital filters and stickers that can be unlocked by purchasing the app. What makes this application different from other applications is that it allows you to take pictures in a situation without anyone knowing what you are doing. Basically like incognito mode.

  1. Camera 360

Camera 360 has successfully made its position among the top camera apps for Android. This DSLR like camera app has awesome features or editing tools that make it the best Android camera app for photo capturing and photo editing. This app has a sundry of unique effects that are popular among photo enthusiasts. With a lot of manual controls, you can choose the effects directly into the photos while capturing it. However, it would be difficult for you to navigate the app at first but, once you explore all its features, surely you will enjoy taking professional-looking photos. This app offers other features such as in-app photo gallery, photo editor, filters, motion stickers, and more.

  1. Open Camera

Open Camera is another most popular camera app that you could download for free and explore its amazing features and photo editing tools. This app features multiple focus modes, face detection, torch, antibonding, color effects, white balance, and exposure compensation that help you make photos more appealing that you want. You can easily take photos while recording videos.

  1. SnapChat

SnapChat the most popular social app that is taking the social media world by storm. SnapChat app is giving tough competition to other popular social media apps- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This app is mainly known for its amazing filter options. If you are not familiar with Snapchat, here’s a rundown. It is a social media app that allows you to take selfies (Photos/videos) with amazing filters, add a caption and share it with your network.

  1. ProShot

ProShot has managed to make its position among the best Camera apps for Android. This app is packed with amazing features to take quality photos and videos. You can manually control all its features to edit photos. Using this app, you can easily take time-lapse videos, a group shot with timers and burst mode for action shots. It also supports up to 4K video capture. However, there is a free version to try and for the advanced features, you have to purchase it for $5.

  1. Snap Camera HDR

Snap Camera HRD comes featured with amazing photography tools that are perfect for amateurs and professionals alike. It is the best camera app for Android that you can download it and enjoy its editing tools for unique photography experience. With its manual controls, you can access ISO, HDR, exposure, white balance, and can shoot in RAW.


Camera Apps are essential for those who are keen on photography and editing. We all even use camera apps to add more effects or taste in our photos.

If you are planning to build your own camera app, it is the right time to start. The creation of a photo editor app is indeed very simple and the cost of making a camera app for android phones is not much expensive. You can also hire Android app programmers to get the best Android photo apps solution.

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