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Benefits of Laravel Development Services for Enterprises

Benefits of Laravel Development Services for Enterprises

Laravel Framework the word itself suggests its own significance. Laravel is the open source PHP web framework used for web application development. It uses MVC which stands for Model View Controller which is an architectural pattern based on Symfony.

Tayler Otwell is the creator of Laravel which was an actual attempt to create an alternative advancement to Code Igniter framework which did not provide a certain amount of features such as built-in support for user authentication and authorization. Laravel first beta release was patched on air on June 2011 which was followed by Laravel 1 which was released later in the same month.

Laravel is considered as one of the robust web app development frameworks. That is the reason why PHP web application development companies choose this framework for web application development.

Laravel Development Services

There are many Laravel frameworks available in the industry some of them are:

  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Code Igniter
  • Cake PHP
  • Zend
  • Yii

And the list goes on like this. Among all the listed PHP frameworks Laravel is considered as one of the best frameworks in the web application development for enterprises. Laravel has a strong base in PHP that allows a user to take the use of HTML. Well because it provides a clean syntax which helps to build an application.

Laravel PHP web development frameworks well ease out the common steps of majority projects like authentication, sessions, routing, & caching. Laravel is the best robust tool for larger complex applications.

Benefits of Laravel Framework:

  • Fast Development Time
  • Easy to Learn
  • Security
  • Low Latency overhead

Let us take a look at the advantages of using the Laravel Framework.

Advantages of using Laravel


With Laravel everything comes configured; implementing authentication with Laravel is very simple. Laravel provides a simpler way to organize the authorization logic and also it provides controlled access to resources.


Mail integration services provide a clean and simple API over popular swift mailer library. Laravel also provides drivers for SMTP, Mandrill, SparkPost, and Amazon SES. Allowing an application top quickly start sending mail through a local or cloud-based service in addition to support mailing Laravel provides support for sending notification across a variety of delivery channels including SMS.


It is very important to create a faster and smoother application for better performance which is better for generating revenue growth faster. Laravel supports popular cache like Memcahced or APC. However, in Laravel, it is also possible to configure multiple cache configurations.


There are many security vulnerabilities which go on hand-in-hand with the on-going PHP application development. The developer should not forget and be able to fix all of them before delivering it to the client. Laravel enables to secure the application by securing it against the most serious security risks like SQL injections and cross-site scripting and more.


Error and Exception is another part of web application development. The way in which an application handles an error may leave a big impact on user satisfaction and the usability of the application. There are many common points in the application where a user can find errors. Like Data Entry points where a user submits a form after clicking a submit button. If a user is not filing or doing something right the app will notify them. Error and exception handling is already configured for Laravel project. Laravel included monologue logging library which provides support for a variety of log handlers.


Without testing well no one can be sure that the software will perform without any crashes, bugs errors, or does it need any other application requirements. Automation testing is less time consuming and in a lot many cases it is more efficient than actual testing.

Laravel is developed with testing inbuilt in it. In many cases support for testing with PHP Unit is included which includes a phpunit.xml file set up ready for the application to install.


Every User these days hopes to see the desired content, for example, an article, a contact form or some description of a product. Well the URL routing very necessary for an application because if there is no URL routing the web application will never understand what the user wants to see, it can also show a user a blank page or an error page instead.

With Laravel all the Laravel routes are set in the application app/Http/routes.php file which the framework loads automatically. The Laravel based basic application accepts a URL and Closure which provides a simple way of defining routes.


These days it is not about the simple email messages, but about different types of communication between different parts of the application or you can say between different applications. Well, the amount of traffic the application will get the number of messages to request it will receive the bigger the risk will be hosting the application like will be more expensive or it will stop working with some data loss.

With Laravel queue service it provides an API across a variety of different queue back-ends. What you get with queues is it allows defer between time-consuming tasks like sending a mail till a later time which enhances and boost up your web application requests.

Let’s check out why someone should use Laravel Development Services?

  • Enhanced Performance: Why you need to choose Laravel development is because of its enhanced performance of the web apps.

There are many features & functions which reduced the site performance of the application performance. Here Laravel serves you with various tools which help the Laravel developers to boost the web application performance.

There are tools integrated into Laravel like Memcached & Redis while developing an application as they ease out the process of enhancing the web app performance.

Which means with the Laravel framework you get the most high-performance application.

  • Open Source: Well count it as a benefit but Laravel offers you an open-source platform also to develop. Laravel has a larger amount of community of developers companies that are continuously providing support to make it more flexible and scalable.

A developer can also connect to the community and can take the advice from the experts if they have some complexities and can develop your app as you need.

In short, your app development does not take any break or gets stop despite having such complexities and you get what you desired.

  • Database Migration: Another benefit of using Laravel as a website development framework is the Database Migration which allows the PHP developers to undo any changes made to the database very easily.

With this feature in the Laravel framework, developers can easily share the application’s database within the team. Earlier this was not possible but now this facility is available.

With this feature inbuilt a developer does not need to recreate a new database, they are created and maintained appropriately. This saves a lot of time for developers for app development.

  • Easy Unit Testing: Not many frameworks available out there have this feature in-built in it.

What is Unit Testing?

Unit testing is a kind of testing in which each module and component of a web application is tested, it ensures that no module or component remains broken or buggy. It also ensures that there are no bugs and broken links in your application before it goes live. It means you have a high-end performing and a bug-free app for your users.

  • High Security: There are numerous cyberattacks these days taking place. So what you need is a framework which provides your apps with safeguard.

Laravel provides very high-class security which is also one of the benefits of selecting Laravel as your framework.

Laravel itself is secure it does not allow any malware or security threats to enter into the applications. That also means that your web development code is safe and secure.

Checkout the Laravel Usage Statistics for the year 2018-19:

Well if we check the statistics of Laravel Web Development Services being used these days. Then we see that Laravel solely performs in the market to a great extent in the world of customizations; many distinctive industries use it for business growth such as:

  • Business & Industry: 20.5% Popularity
  • Internet & Telecom: 5% Popularity
  • E-Commerce: 5.7% Popularity
  • Fashion & Lifestyle: 62% Popularity
  • Arts & Entertainment: 6.6% Popularity

And the list of these kinds of industries goes in and on.

Laravel PHP Framework is one of the leading frameworks in the technology stack.

PHP MVC framework market standings:

  • The Number of Live Laravel Web Sites: 1,20,560 +
  • Total Number of Downloads: 3,50,246+
  • PHP Laravel is the most popular framework in the entire web app category

Hence PHP development services are one of the most recommended services which are in trend and every other industry is indulging in them to get their website and application developer.

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