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Artificial Intelligence: Future of Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the business and technological world as we know it. Innovators are already exploring and expanding this into the business industry. It is certainly in the case of mobile app development. AI is no longer limited to personal assistants like Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant. In future, we will see more mobile app developers integrating AI into their apps. In general, it is the system or technology which performs the tasks. It is done without using any using any sort of human intelligence. Gone are the times when a user needs to sit and type in the commands to the computer. Now, using machine learning, natural language processing, it can complete the task itself. With AI, the system is now intellectually capable to operate without human intervention. It doesn’t require repeated programming. It can adapt according to data and provide required results.

Mobile App Development

Smartphones and mobile apps are penetrating into the market by leaps and bounds. However, the mobile device manufacturers want to offer more assistance to the user. They don’t want the user to scroll and search through millions of apps on the App Store and Play Store. Constant efforts are made to provide easy navigation as well as searching system. AI fits perfectly in this scenario. It allows the developers and users to complete the tasks with their voice. Internet of Things or IoT is already creating a buzz. Integration of voice interface provided by AI is making its headway. Now, mobile phones, security systems, home appliances, etc. are connected to each other. AI provides a single user interface of voice to assist in connecting these devices. It makes it easier to command the various things. As a result, app development by AI is picking up the pace. It has a wide range of applications to offer advanced solutions. Artificial Intelligence is getting its foothold in the app development market. More companies are now investing heavily in AI to create smart apps.


Mobile apps are making lives of people easier. The users don’t have to spend time on each app on their smartphone. They expect the devices to respond according to their requirements. Certain apps already perform the task by simple voice input from the user. Ordering food, buying things online, etc. are some of the examples. AI enabled app completes the task as per user preferences. The smartphones have all the information of the user. This makes AI technology to be easily integrated to mobile apps. The smartphone’s features can be utilized to record as well as understand user’s behavioral pattern. AI in mobile appsserves according to user’s requirement. It also leads to user retention too.

The users now look for smart apps. There is increasing demand for interactive as well as intuitive apps. People don’t want to search and install apps by spending a lot of time. They expect suggestions from the system and act accordingly. AI uses personalized information and provides a suggestion. AI enabled mobile apps offers choices to people to select from. They take user’s past behavior and decision pattern into account. Based on that, they provide different options to the user. Mobile app development needs to get in sync with upcoming technology. AI enabled apps offer convenience to the user. Growing use of IoT is creating a market for such apps. The developers need to keep up with the pace of recent development. They need to acquire knowledge to create smart apps for the user. AI is the thing of future. It is certainly going to changes the mobile app development market. There is an increased demand for smart apps due to benefits of AI. An app development company should hire app developers proficient in creating AI enabled apps.


Artificial intelligence offers advanced features to the user. It provides more personalized and intuitive experience to the user. The user doesn’t have to spend more time to decide and choose. The user now wants the apps to perform the task on his behalf. He is provided options by the smart apps based on his preferences. His past decisions and behavioral pattern are used to understand his requirements. AI makes it possible to provide this advanced solution. AI enabled apps helps in saving time. All this is creating a huge demand for AI enabled apps. This makes AI the future of mobile app development.

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