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AR and VR- A Futuristic Approach To Web Designing

If we want to make certain things better, we need to change its look, outlook, design and even our perception towards it. This change is required in everything, and the world of web designing is too a part of this cycle. Take a look at the oldest website and compare it with the websites we have today, you will realize how far they have come in terms of both technology and designs.


In terms of technology- the static websites have become dynamic. But the biggest change or evolution is the technology of virtual reality and augmented reality. The web designs services that are available today benefit these technologies and user also prefers such services.

The websites are gradually getting into the trend of virtual and augmented reality for giving a better experience to their users. Now before we talk about how they are changing the world of web designing, let’s talk about what they are?

What is Virtual Reality?

  • Jaron Lanier is the man behind this immensely popular technology and this has been around since the 80s. Since its inception, its use has been limited to the world of science fiction, but now slowly common users are also getting the hang of this tech.
  • Virtual Reality is either a recreation of artificial (computer generated) or a real-life situation, which the user experience realistically through his/her eyes or ears while traveling in real time.
  • The best example of this technology is Facebook’s Oculus. The VR technology can be experienced via a headset that you need to wear on your eyes.
  • The main use of VR is – to experience a situation in real-time to prepare for the future. Secondly, it enhances the experience of imaginary, but real situations like gaming or videos (3D movies)
  • Virtual reality modeling language (VRML) is the coding language used in VR to correlate the real and the virtual world.
  • Janus VR is one web-browser that lets us experience the world of the internet in 3D i.e virtual reality.

What is Augmented Reality?

  • AR is the technology that presents the information and virtual objects in real-world scenarios in real time. This involves using the existing items and adding details to it, for creating a totally new but artificial environment.
  • The best example of this technology use is the app IKEA, through which you can view how the furniture will look in your room before you actually make a purchase. Simply, capture the piece of furniture from the catalog, take that to the room you want it and enable the AR mode and you will see how it looks. The direction, size, color etc. all can be changed to get the best results.
  • Google and Apple both in the year 2017 released ARCore and ARKit respectively for creating augmented reality apps.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality as One:

  • AR and VR are two sides of one coin and both are trying to provide the best experience to their users.
  • The technology used by both the realities is somewhat similar. And while they both can work freely of each other, when blended together, the experience is out of the world.

How the evolution of VR and AR changing web design?

Now, the question arises, why should we hire website designers and web design services that deal in Virtual reality and augmented reality? They sound nice but do they actually help people with anything? The answer is yes, many website designs services that have AR or VR, aids people in every sector of life whether it is medicine, entertainment or consumer relation. Let’s see how:

  • VR tech is used to cure Post Traumatic stress disorder, phobia, and depression in many areas. There is much software that uses this technology, the VR headset has an eye-tracking device which monitors the anxiety levels and helps to control stress.
  • Sephora, the cosmetic brand uses AR tech on their websites to let the people try different products and check out how they look.
  • Through AR tech, medical students can train in real-life scenarios. Also, it lets the medical professional talk to the patients.
  • Moreover, it lets the doctors reach the treatment area and offer a diagnosis.
  • Before surgery, they can do the whole procedure through AR and find out the risks involved.
  • Apps like IKEA also use the AR tech to make the consumers comfortable with how the product will fit into their place before actually buying. This increases sales, please the users and cut back the return rate and loss incurred due to it.
  • VR technology is used in movie theatres to enhance the experience of the audience.
  • In some countries, VR programs are used to train soldiers in the military.

These were some of the uses of these technologies and how web designing services have changed with such technology-driven apps. It is time for you to follow this trend too as virtual reality and augmented reality is now the future.

Ajay Goyal
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Ajay Goyal is the founder of Endive Software, is the leading IT Company based on India. He works dedicatedly with the clients to give industry-based results. His passion for learning the trending technology aids the team members to introduce unique and brainstorming. He runs development services like mobile app development and web development for enterprises and startups.
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