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Apple Reveals its Unco Innovations in 2016’s WWDC

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An outset occasion by Apple Inc. by and by astound the innovation platform by countering a high number of inventive and amazing updates at WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) from June 13, 2016, to June 17 in California at San Francisco.

Since 1983, Apple Inc. has presented updates on software programming and technologies in this unparalleled show consistently. What’s more, this year was no exemption, Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference – 2016 presented the scope of Operating System for iMac, iPhone, and iWatch along with the TV. Further, the company has too announces the access of its services like iMessage and Siri to iPhone app developers from the launch of iOS 10.

It was the twenty-seventh year of World Wide Developers Conference with 13 million enrolled iOS developers, 4000+ participants from 74 nations of which 72% were first-time participants.

At the point when everyone was eager to see some extraordinary technology updates, Apple astonishes all by revealing updates on iOS software’s and macOS in addition to tvOS, and watchOS. What’s more, these updates will be accessible after the launch of iOS10. Some important updates are:

•    Now user can use the feature Siri on Mac

•    Web browser – Safari is upgraded with the feature of Apple Pay

•    Now, the third party iOS app developers can use Siri and iMessage

•    Apple has come up with many feature redesign


Let’s discuss the updates in detail –

iOS 10 – Release: Craig Federighi, senior VP of Apple’s Software Engineering department proclaims iOS 10 the biggest release in the history of iOS, as it loaded with technologically advanced functionalities for the user. He too stated that earlier the updates were only accessible to developers use, but now a common man can too enjoy these updated functionalities.

Lock Screen Redesign: Apple has updated few features to offer better user experience to its clients, so has redesigned the lock screen. With this, the users can now get more information easily access the camera and new widgets screen. Alongside, notifications are too upgraded with the 3D touch technology.

Siri now available on third party apps: Stunning yet in the meantime pleasant surprise for the iPhone developers, when they hear the declaration expressing that with the launch of iOS 10, Siri will be accessible for third party iOS application developers. Apple wishes to spread the Siri’s voice to the third party iOS app developers – declaration is to give the third party iPhone application developers a chance to incorporate Siri’s functionalities into their applications to make it more helpful for clients to bounce into outsider administrations just by speaking ‘Hey Siri’.

Apple re-tries its Music Player design: Apple knows the frenzy about its music player in clients’ souls, so they chose to update it to include more worth in Apple’s music player. VP of Apple, Vortex Cue support this by stating that it is redesigned to make “music a king once again”, which, I believe, is advertising spiel.  The point of the update is to give an easier look and concentrate on the features used by the listeners. The user can discover music curated by Apple’s music editors and can also read the verses of tunes. Apple includes Spotify in its “Disclosure mix” that can be customized according to the user’s choice.

Apple Pay limit extended to Safari: one more outstanding update by the company is empowering Apple Pay on the Safari web browser. As they want their users to keep away from annoying payment options. Apple Pay on Safari wipes out the obstacle of making buys and payments through specific application or payment option, Apple OS now users can pay the buys made through Safari with Apple Pay. The  Payment is verified through a user’s touch ID or Apple Watch.

Apple too focuses on Messaging application: This upgrade is absolutely dedicated to Android clients, as the iMessage application is open for them. In updating of iMessage, application redesigned with bigger emoji, on the more, users will get recommendations if they need to change certain catchphrases into emoji. Time to get rid of the issues of sharing tunes with your friends and family, the redesign says “share music directly from Apple music and compose notes through fingertips.” Some animated impacts added to iMessage applications like balloons, strobe lights, and confetti. Undetectable Ink, yes you read it right, Invisible Ink is no less than an icing on a cake for messaging app users, they can conceal messages until they’re swiped over. In short, the  iMessage is now transforming into some Snapchat or say WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger aggregate.

Voice over IP incorporated into the phone application of Apple gadgets:  Now users don’t need to dive into VoIP apps like Skype or WhatsApp. These applications directly connect your calls with the phone application.

All your home things will be in HomeKit: Apple is making a hub for keeping your HomeKit gadget applications like auto alarms, programmed temperature controllers, and so forth.

Voicemail interpretation in gadgets powered by iOS 10: iOS 10 will now highlight voicemail  interpretation, which will consequently decipher voice messages and offer them up like writings.

Redesigning of MAPS: The format of the Maps application in Apple got enhanced and simple to explore. Now Maps will delve into your date-books and location history to give the right directions.

It’s time to welcome MacOS Sierra: According to the sources, OS X soon be supplanted by MacOS and soon the primary face will be “MacOS Sierra”. Siri is now available on Mac.  While working on the Mac, users can take the help of Siri.

•    Auto Unlock Functionality– Mac can now sense its user’s presence and gets unlock automatically if the user is holding his iPhone or iWatch.

•    Now user can easily copy and paste the document betwixt gadgets.

•    Storage has been a problem with Mac, yet now MacOS can naturally free up the hard drive space either by expelling or backing up unused records from a long time.


The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is the biggest technology event takes place each year in this goliath universe of innovation & technology for iPhone app development as well as Apple lovers. Apple users can expect a flood of apps’ new features and OS to integrate with Apple’s gadgets.


Now this is all about the iOS superiority over other platforms, however, it has one shrouded condition and that one is, it is the best platform to develop your business applications and take the benefits of these aforementioned updates and upgrades of Apple. These updates in some or the other way helps the business experts to achieve statures. Hire iOS application development services providing company transform your dream into reality like Steve Jobs.

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