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How Much Does It Cost To App Development Like Duolingo?

How Much Does It Cost To App Development like Duolingo

Just think what more you could do with just learning more than one language. Travelling would have been easy, a business would have been easier; many other things which have made you profited could have been easier for you just with the right knowledge of the language.

What if you could learn another language any one of it let it be Spanish, French or German? You would definitely try for it right! Nowadays there is an era of mobile applications which enables the user to do less work and get more profit.

Mobile App Development like Duolingo

Applications like Duolingo is one of the most searched and user application around the world as it lets you learn many languages at a go. You don’t need to find any kind of institutions to learn a native language of any country you can just do it on the application whenever you want and wherever you want.

The motive behind the application is to connect the world. People have started travelling, not just travelling many other things like jobs, businesses and many things are there which could become easier if they just know the native languages. There are many mobile applications which help you to learn the vocabulary in the native language that you want to learn in.

About Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular free languages learning application platform with more than 300 million users, it was developed by Luis Von Ahn in 2011.

  • The Application helps the users to learn more than 30 major languages.
  • It uses low data and provides fast results and is completely free.
  • It is available for adults, children, students and teachers.
  • The application or platform also supports different and innovative methods with different exercises and fun games with it.

How do the Duolingo Language Learning Application works? What is the working model?

  • Well once you create an account; it automatically provides you with a list of languages like English, Spanish, and German and so on to choose. Select one to learn.
  • On the next step, you can find a landing page and skill tree which provides the course and its curriculum
  • There are certain icons that contain skills which are specific to whose icons only. Each icon consists of a lesson series.
  • There is a skill tree which a user has to complete with each unit, levels and series of lessons. In order to unlock lessons further.
  • Lessons are designed in a way that the user has to read, write and translate the phrase that they hear.
  • Duolingo has a pattern which is a learn-as-you-go app where Vocab lessons allow you to match the words with the images and the incorrect answers leads with prompt explanations
  • If you are old school and prefer textbook approach then each unit includes a cheat sheet, grammar tips conjugation tables and other notes which might be helpful.

App Development like Duolingo

Features of Duolingo App:

  1. Courses with Set of exercise and lessons
  2. Gamification Elements which make the user experience smoother
    • In-App Currency function
    • Experience and Level of Learning
    • Achievement Badges
    • Daily Learning Streaks
    • Motivation
    • Leader-board stats in comparison to world and friends.
  1. Other features
    • Social Clubs
    • Offline Mode
    • Push Notification
    • Built-in Feedback Feature

Essential Features to create a Language learning app like Duolingo

  1. User Feedback

The best way to enhance your app is by including a feedback feature where users have the right to review the course within the app and can provide genuine feedback. The best way is to know where your app is lacking behind. 

  1. Innovative Learning Process

Well, a top Mobile Language Learning app development company will understand the needs of its users, and provides an outstanding quality of the course its presentation with the extended list of varying language courses. It would be an app with a package of fun and interesting language learning activities. 

  1. All in One Platform

The App which allows the user to read, listens, speak and write and do all the activities at one place which is the best place to keep and engage your ears. 

  1. Free for a Certain amount of time

Providing am the feature of a cost-free lesson with specific numbers for a certain amount of time. After the user completes the free lessons user need to unlock advance lessons by taking a premium account.

How much does it Cost to Develop a Language learning app like Duolingo?

Endive Software is a leading Education App Development Company, which gave a rough estimate of language learning app development cost. Well, the cost may depend on various factors which are:

  • Basic Feature
  • Application Native platform
  • Application complexity
  • The development Team

Now the development team must consist of:

  • A project Manager
  • iOS developer. Android Developer, Backend Developer
  • Quality Analyst
  • UX/UI designers

Cost To App Development Like Duolingo

Technology Stack Required:

In order to create a quality rich clone like Duolingo language learning app, it is must integrate with advance technologies to fulfil all the user requirements or needs in the right way.

User Interface and User Design

Bootstrap, CSS, and JQuery for front end

Database Stack

MySQL, Postgre, Cassandra, & MongoDB, etc. 

Cloud Storage

Used to store the data safely, Cloud storage could be big data or something else.

Cost of Duolingo Language Learning App

The cost to make an app like Duolingo can be high because it consists a high number of advanced and integrated technologies The app with the basic features can cost somewhere around $10000- $30000 for a single platform like android or iOS, it could rise up-to around $50000 for react native or hybrid app platform.

If you are looking forward to creating your own language learning app, then you can send us a free consultation with a quote about your application its concept and requirement and can get a free estimation with the exact cost.

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