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Angular 4 vs React. What to Chose in 2017?

Angular JS development

When it comes to completion of web development and software development, the deadlines are quite important. The clients want their product right own time. So it is important for web development services to choose the right technology. Mobile app development and web development has changed with these new technologies. Choosing the right technology is important as it enables them to complete the project as per client’s request. There are various aspects of web development. It includes choosing right languages, frameworks, and libraries. So, when it comes to development, there are many differences about technology that companies use. Here, we will discuss the differences between Angular 4 and React. We will discuss the major features, their pros, and cons. We will also discuss which technology is best suited for different requirements of the clients.

Angular JS development

Angular 4

When it comes to developing modern web apps, there is various business logic that Angular has. Its version 4.0 is quite advanced. It has many aspects that have been improved from its first version. It includes changes in modules, controllers along with scopes and directives. However, it is quite complex. It requires a better level of development skills when compared to React.

The major advantages of Angular is that it is oriented on the apps which should have a major portion of interactive client-side code. It has full typescript support which it supports to build complex applications. When it comes to single-page web apps, it is best suited for it. Especially the apps which have extended interface. Angular JS development is fast development process, and it has easy-to-write tests. When it comes to architecture, it is based on Model-View-Controller.

Talking about disadvantages of Angular 4, it is quite slow especially when it comes to displaying large amounts of data. It is not suitable when it comes to Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The major websites which are built on Angular JS are Freelancer, Upwork, YouTube (for PS3), etc.


React is a JavaScript-based open-source library. It has JSX compiler. It is majority focus on user interface. It allows the creation of reusable user interface view components. It is not based on a Model-View-Controller framework like Angular. React is an interface-focused system solution. The ender users get a highly responsive interface which also has smooth loading. Social media giant, Facebook is behind this project. React solutions are Search Engine Optimization or SEO friendly. It has great performance along with high flexibility. Major sites that are built on this technology are Netflix, Airbnb, Walmart, etc.

The major advantage of React is that it is SEO friendly. Along with it, it has easy-to-create user interface test cases. Its components can be reused without any complexity. It is fast when it comes to displaying heavy data. It has an easy debugging process. So hire web developers for React when you have a client who requires heavy data displaying.

When it comes to disadvantages, it generally needs more code in some cases. It also requires manual processing when it comes to data changes. It is view oriented.

On comparing it with Angular, React needs a setup of additional libraries when it comes to state management. Angular is industry leader while demand of React developers is increasing in the market. By choosing React as main front-end strategy, the developer can create a mobile app which is based on React Native. When it comes to cost, developing in ReactJS requires less money. It means less amount spent on support or switching to new version etc.

So, choosing the right one for web application development, it can be a tough decision. However, Angular is recommended when there is no requirement of displaying a large amount of data. However, it requires more time to be invested in development as well as support process. Angular is best suited when complex business logic is placed. However, SEO issue of Angular is not that important. In case of React, it is recommended when someone needs a stable app which doesn’t change rapidly. It is suited when a view-rendering library is enough for project development.


Mobile app development and web development has improved over the years. With the rise in new technology, it is up to development services to choose the right one. Angular 4 and React are competing to become the major technology for this market. Both have their inherent advantages and disadvantages. Angular4 is not SEO friendly and can’t be used when it comes to displaying heavy data. However, React is SEO friendly and best suited for heavy data display. ReactJS is less costly. These important aspects must be considered to choose right technology for web and app development.

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