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Android VS iOS: Which Platform Is Right for Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development

Technology has left everything behind as several industries like automotive, healthcare, transportation, education and manufacture are taking the perk of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation. While mobile app developers around the world are burying themselves in work in order to build something new or more interesting for Smartphone lovers.

Mobile App Development

Indeed, in this modern age, there will hardly be anyone who has not heard the name of these two warriors of the technological world- Android and iOS. A decade ago, the most hotly debated topic was Windows and Mac, and now iOS has come up with a new rival in the mobile space- Android. Both platforms have a number of benefits to offer app developers, business users, and mobile users alike.

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Whether you die from Apple’s breathtaking design, but Android has some hot features to be a worthy contender of the ring. Apple (iOS) has advanced security feature as a sharper weapon to eliminate Android to the ground.

Which is the best platform to develop a mobile application? It is really a complicated question. If you still don’t have a mobile app for your business, then it’s a right time to get one. Don’t rely on other preference; you should build an application that matches your business needs. If you are running a large business, then you should build a mobile application for both Android and iOS, while the Android application is best for small business.

Here we are going to pit iOS against Android

IOS vs. Android: Design

There are many iOS and Android apps launched every day, but the users consider the app that has beautiful UI and functionality. An App built on iOS and Android is very similar in terms of User Interface. iOS apps are much impressive than Android apps. Google Applications are run on Material Design, while Apple uses behavior patterns to perform a task. Moreover, moving back screen and next screen is a common action that users perform in the apps. Android has a navigation bar at the bottom, which makes it useful and handy as well. Thus, there is no back button in the iPhone as it has in-app navigation features which make it different from the Android. Functionality and app design are the reason to choose iOS applications.  In-app navigation and gesture are the standard features which make it better from other operating systems.

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IOS vs. Android: Hardware & Software Integration

Apple and Android both provide their application developers with excellent tools to develop mobile applications. Everyone knows that Apple manufactures both software and hardware for its devices. In the same way, there are many iOS Application Development companies only working on Mac to build iOS applications. This makes applications far more optimized than competitors. On the other end, Android mobile app development companies can build Android applications on many OS such as Linux and Windows. The security of Android apps or devices depends on the hardware. Various manufacturers have some advanced hardware and software configuration, making sure the built-in security features of Android work correctly.

IOS vs. Android: Functionality

In terms of better functionality, iOS is the first choice of users as it offers a variety of features that make it worthy than Android. However, if you want to build a mobile application to run your business constantly and for a long time, you should definitely go with iOS, because it offers an impressive design with easy-to-use navigation. While Android apps have a variety of functionalities which make it more complicated. Android applications have complex functionality compared to iOS and other platforms.

IOS vs. Android: Security

Security, it is the only reason which makes it the first choice of mobile users, especially for the business person. Data and other confidential information stored in iPhone are encrypted as no one can access your information or even hack into the hardware. Your fingerprint data and faceID are also stored in the device in a secure manner. If talk about Google’s Android, the Android devices can easily be accessed, rooted and flashed. There are various ways to access data and confidential information on Android devices.

Final Words

IOS and Android share similar features and functionalities. Both the platforms have millions of fans around the world. The development costs of the iOS and Android applications are affordable as every business can run on both platforms for reasons. If you have an app idea in mind, then you can go with Android Application Development and iOS App Development Company.

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