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Android Oreo Launched – Key Features of The Latest 8.0 Update

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Bringing all the naming speculations finally to rest, Google has officially named its latest Android 8.0 update as Android Oreo.

The great news for the Google and Android smartphone owners comes on the eve of 21st Aug 2017, welcomed by a long trail of tweets on Twitter. Other than the curious Android developers it is a great news for the Oreo fans who can now have the sweetest flavour of their cookie on their Android smartphone. Google would have had a tough time choosing between the equally delicious name options like Oreo, Orangina, Oatmeal cookie, etc.

Google has not only lifted the veil from the name of the 11th version update of Android but has also brought its innovative features to light. However, the first proud owners of the Android Oreo would be the Google Pixel and Pixel XL users.

The new Android 8.0 Update is set to bring an array of innovative changes in the world of Android app development and is sure to amaze its users with its amazing set of breakthrough features. So, let us feed our curious minds with some highlights of Android Oreo:

Oreo Enables Smart Background Functionality

Google revises the functionality of using multiple apps simultaneously on your smartphone with its latest 8.0 update. The background applications that are not directly in use, will now be ticked over smartly by Oreo to save your battery and data consumption. For example: If you are using Whatsapp on your smartphone, and your other social media app like Instagram is running in the background, it will be ticked over by Oreo to suspend automatic feed updates in the background. Thus, helping you to save a significant amount of data and battery life.

Owing to this new breakthrough feature of Android Oreo, the Android app developers need to develop specific task schedulers that could promptly trigger the background apps with a waking signal when the user switches to them.

Floating PiP Video Now A Reality

The Picture-in-Picture video mode that was first introduced with Android Nougat update for Android TVs is ready to come to your smartphone screen with Android Oreo. The new floating video player mode that comes with the 11th Android version update allows you to watch videos on your smartphone screen simultaneously while performing other tasks. The floating video can be readily switched to the home screen or minimized and pinned to the corner of the screen. With this feature introduced to the Android device, the Android app development company need to develop apps that support PiP video format. The various browsers and entertainment apps like Chrome, VLC, YouTube, etc. already support PiP format.

These are just the highlights, a long array of innovative features is still to be unveiled. Google is set to redefine the user experience with its Android Oreo update. The Android screens will further witness the additions like smart adaptive notification dots, quick-access settings console, smart media notifications, optimized Bluetooth audio, etc. With this, the Google Play Protect is set to enhance the security parameters and user privacy. Thus, the developers would have to incorporate more robust security parameters and privacy standards for their app solutions in the near future.

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