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Latest Android App Development Trends To Shape The Future


Smartphones have always been in trends for many years, whereas the mobile applications have reported a constant growth in the recent year and the counting is still on. Apple and Android are the two majors that are ruling the technological world. Lately, in the technology market, 80% of massive share has been taken up by the Android, while Apple has managed to grab a mere 30% share in the United States market. Moreover, the Android app development is currently one of the most profitable industries. The modern generation technologies are helping developers to define the hurdles of distance, language and social echelon. In the recent time, over a billion of users are using smartphones, housing around 150 billion mobile app downloads each year.

Furthermore, app developers are working on new methods to provide an easy and short way to develop a mobile application. Each year, we can see massive updates and latest tools in the mobile app development. With the latest app development tools penetration, various app development companies around the world have tightened up the seat to find the business space.

Here we are going to present the latest Android app development trends that will give you a better insight into what should be on top in the forthcoming years. Let’s take a closer look at Android app development trends.

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Virtual Reality and Artificial Reality Apps

The increased use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Reality (AR) mobile applications hints a big move towards business agility. The market of AR and VR is full of perks as the both have come up with a lot of opportunities for many businesses. Google’s ARCore is making noise among the application developers. ARCore is the most powerful platform, that helps developers to build advanced and impressive AR applications to beat the competitors.

IoT (Internet of Things) Apps

Internet of Things is the future of today and tomorrow as it helps the industries to control, monitor and automate the business processes through IoT-enabled applications or devices. The uses of IoT you can see in the various business verticals such as connected car, smart home, healthcare, smart farming, transportations & logistics and more. Emerging as the most useful technology, it simply provides an environment to connect electronic devices with your smartphone.

Cloud-Based Android Application Development

Is the data of your business is secure in your app? Somewhere, this frequently asked question is unlikely to have a negative reply. To make data secure even better, various companies are widely dealing with cloud solutions to provide an easy and simple way to manage and access data. Security, speed and reliability are the main reasons for opting cloud-based mobile applications. The cloud-based Android applications also help business owners to securely access and store data anytime and anywhere through internet.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps, the most impressive technology introduced by Google at its annual developer conference in 2016. It allows the users to quickly open an app without installing it in a device. By using this technology, the users will be able to access all features of the application without using device storage. According to Google over 500 million devices now supports the Android instant apps.

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Machine Learning and AI In Android Mobile Apps

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have come up with many exciting features in Android mobile applications which make business tasks easier and secure. Chatbots are most advanced AI-powered tools that can easily understand the human behavior for better and real-time conversations, whereas Machine Learning helps developers to complete complex tasks in a short time with an accuracy.

In Shorts

The upcoming years would be blessed with some advanced technologies as various technology giants are working constantly in making some big changes in the mobile app development technology. The latest Android app development trends that we have discussed above are the mainstream of technology have made a massive impact on our lives.

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