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Agile Methodology: The Best Approach For Mobile App Development


Mobile application development is a growing business as most users prefer mobile apps or websites for playing games, doing a transaction, for movies, reading and so many other things. But it is challenging for the mobile app development company to create an app that lasts forever or at least last for a good number of years. Mobile software development is a hard process that involves many steps, and if you screw up at even a single step, the whole thing will suffer.

To be on top of their games, developers need to closely monitor the changing trends, and be flexible to adapt to these changes anytime. And this is the reason most mobile app development service providers are using an agile methodology.

An agile methodology for mobile application is the most efficient approach taken by software/app development companies. It makes the process faster with better communication between the clients and developers. It has a whole process that involves evolution, planning and so on which makes creating an app so much easier and faster.

If you continue to read, you will be convinced that the agile methodology is the best, but before that let’s talk more about it.

What is Agile Methodology?

Agile method is a product management and development approach in which the whole process is divided into a number of different cycles. The method divides the task into sub-task which is a separate module for the development team, and this makes app development easier. Software and app development has many unpredictable scenarios which may disrupt the whole process.

Agile methodology responds to this and makes the process whole again by using sprints which are incremental and iterative work sequences. Agile means quick and fast changes, which makes the mobile app development process easy.

Principles of agile methodology:

The manifesto of agile states points for software development:

  • Customer satisfaction through timely and easy software distribution.
  • Open to changing the environment
  • Frequent delivery of working software
  • Sustainable development
  • Communication should always be face to face
  • Give attention to technical excellence and better designs
  • Daily cooperation between clients and developers
  • Individuals involved in the mobile app development must be trustworthy and motivated
  • The progress of the project is determined by the state of the app/software- working or not.
  • Simple work
  • The team frequently reflects on how to better themselves.

Is agile methodology perfect for application development for mobile?

Mobile apps development is a hard process which needs full concentration, but people swear that agile methodology makes this task easier by segregating the tasks and allowing the developers to make quick changes. So, other than these points, let’s see what makes agile methodology the best approach for many mobile app development companies.

1. Faster ROI

Agile means fast, so the product starts developing early and is ready for the market after little iteration. It also means a quick release of the product and any changes required are made easily after customers react to it. It adds features that are most valuable to the client, so that, their investment is used in a clever sense, and the ROI they get in return is higher than ever.

2. It overcomes issues presented by traditional app development method

When developers use traditional method for developing an app, they might face some issues like unexpected changes asked by the client, seamless development and so on. The agile methodology solves this issue as it makes sure that there is continuous communication between client and developers, making the whole thing transparent.

3. Regular updates

The team provides frequent updates to the client and also provides and fixes bugs for the app after it is launched so that users have the best of experience.

4. Risks involved in app development for mobile is reduced

The agile method guarantees success so there is no risk of failure. Also, it works in sprints so from the first sprint it gives you some profit; it generates enough revenue in the early stages only.

5. Consumer satisfaction at its peak

Whatever is happening within the mobile application is being communicated to the consumer. The percentage of visibility is higher, and the client is involved in every step. It makes the consumer satisfied.

They develop the app such that app users are engaged in it. Also, the clients are happy as they get a quicker market release for their app and also get to see the demonstration of their app’s every feature.


After reading the above benefits, we hope that you have understood why agile methodology is the best approach for app development. It overcomes a lot of issues that developers face while using the traditional approach. It is faster, transparent, has a higher ROI and believes in good communication channels. It is the preferred method for all the best mobile app development companies.

Ajay Goyal

Ajay Goyal is the founder of Endive Software, is the leading IT Company based on India. He works dedicatedly with the clients to give industry-based results. His passion for learning the trending technology aids the team members to introduce unique and brainstorming. He runs development services like mobile app development and website development for enterprises and startups.

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