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Advanced Features And Cost Of An Online Dating App

Online mobile Dating App

The online dating industry is gaining popularity and is in huge demand nowadays. There are thousands of mobile dating apps available on the market. These apps allow mutually-interested users to chat with each other. Apart from chatting, they let users find his/her partner around them and fix a date. An app like Tinder was the first in its niche and is still one of the most renowned dating apps which connect people with the same interest.

Online mobile Dating App

Today, there are enormous mobile dating apps like Tinder but only a few of them get successful. Many apps are still struggling to gain user attention. Therefore, entrepreneurs who are planning to create a dating application must ensure that these special features listed below are included in their app:

Allow Meeting People Nearby:

For a mobile online app developer, it is one of the most important features to consider. An online dating app must allow nearby people who are mutually-interested to meet each other. Any user will prefer a match near him/her for convenience in dates. Therefore, this feature must be one of the primary features in a dating app.

Chat Feature:

This is another important feature which should be included in a dating app. A dating app is incomplete without a chat or message feature. It is very important to have a chat feature to initiate a real-time chat with your perfect match to know them more. With this feature, they can simply send and receive messages and know each other in a better way. It should also allow editing messages, thus saving you from posting a wrong message.

Well-Organized Search Filters:

It is also an important feature that needs to be included. There are a lot of people, who want to search for a person they already know. So, it should provide a feature to allow users to search for individuals location, interest, photos and include other such filters.

The mobile app developers are also working on facial recognition technology to helps users find a perfect match including their ex, celebrity or anyone they wish to search.

Missed Connections:

This is an advanced feature that helps build user interest in your online dating app. The feature reminds users that the world is full of opportunities. This advanced feature finds people who have crossed paths within the real environment (bars, gyms, hotels etc.) and allows users to communicate with them via the app.

If you are planning to create an online mobile dating app, suggest your app developer add this awesome feature to interact with more users. The feature offers a personalized experience to users. Remember! Personalization is the key to success in today’s digital world.

Shopping Feature:

How great it would feel to give gifts to your beloved ones? It is obvious to give and receive gifts in relationships. It helps cherish your relationship with your partner. The same phenomenon can be applied in online dating. Therefore, allows users to buy and send cake, flowers, chocolates, greeting, etc. to their beloved people through your online dating app. It will certainly increase your user base.

Real-time notification:

It is a feature that allows users to respond instantly to any notification. The feature notifies users when someone visits their profile, pokes them or sends text messages to them.

It also notifies users if something interesting happens to their interesting matches. This is a must need feature because users never want to miss a single chance to congratulate their loved ones. Your mobile dating app can help them do it!

Meet Up at Real Location:

It is another interesting feature which should be included in a dating app. The feature allows users to set up in-person meetings at real locations. You can also arrange group meet-ups and let other people join the company and find their perfect match of similar interests at a single location. The feature should also suggest several places to choose from, based on one’s convenience.

Cost to Create an Online Mobile Development App

Whenever you are planning to create an app, the first thing that comes to your mind is, how much will it cost to build that app? Well, the answer entirely depends on the numbers of features you want to add in your app. Normally, the dating app cost ranges from $5000 to $6000. But if it possesses the above-mentioned features, then it’s worth spending such a huge amount on it. To develop a dating app, one must hire a professional app developer who is an expert in developing the app on both Android and iOS.

In this fast-paced world, they don’t get enough time to chat with real people. That’s why the dating industry is booming at an alarming rate. People like to meet new people and such apps can be useful to find people to interact with. After all, humans are social beings.

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