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A Few Points In Favour Of Bitcoin Wallet Apps

Native Bitcoin Application

Bitcoin Wallet Apps – A secure transaction that is used for receiving, sending or storing bitcoins from a digital wallet. The service of bitcoin provided by Blockchain is considered to be the most innovative. The present bitcoin applications offered to the public is being the most popular one in the market.

Native Bitcoin Application

As per the current available data, there are close to fourteen million working bitcoin wallet apps. These apps are registered in one hundred and forty countries around the world. The Blockchain app is available on the Google play store and Apple app store. This can be downloaded and used by all on Windows, Linux and Mac OS without any issue. The bitcoin wallet app supported by Blockchain Technology has a high average rate of downloads. This amasses over some millions on Google Play attests of popularity.

A few important features of bitcoin wallets offered by Blockchain Technology-

•  The most important feature of Blockchain Technology that it lets its users, receive and send Bitcoins. You can send to anyone in the world with just one click. This one of the most important feature to acknowledge! A single click is all that is required. The dispersed bitcoin amount will appear before another person in the form of mBTC, BTC, or bits.

• The popular feature of bitcoin wallet offered by Blockchain Technology is that it works perfectly. Even when the wallet is used offline it works without any complications.

•The Blockchain wallet provides its users with QR scanner and paper wallet import. This assists in the search of bitcoin merchants in any respective area according the need of the user.

• The bitcoin app provided by the developers at Blockchain App Development Company also gives the user an accurate idea. The real conversion rates of bitcoin in the current situations are known.

• Blockchain Technology is known to send constant notifications or updates. Users can acknowledge the transactions made by them.

• Both the PIN and password of the user that secures the bitcoins. The wallets are entirely encrypted from the client-side in the bitcoin wallets offered by Blockchain Technology. Because of this no other member or staffs of the organization can views the user’s wallet balance. They also cannot get transaction details for any reason. This protects the users of the wallet from online fraud.

Here are a few Main Features of the Bitcoin Wallet App-

Authorization: Every transaction made by a user needs a personal sign in password without which they cannot access their own bitcoin wallet

Frequently used addresses: the wallet provides its user with an option to provide one-click access to the addresses that are used frequently.

Paper Wallet import: Is enabled to scan the bitcoins on paper.

Conversion rates: Has the option to track the price of bitcoin.

QR code scanner: Have the means necessary to send and receive money at just one click.

Push notifications: Provides alerts to the users on their transaction details and of any changes in the price of the bitcoin.

Merchant services: Supports funds transfer from one person to another. This is done without the use of traditional money.

Security: Protection for the application using a password and PIN as security measure from the client’s end.

Why Use Bitcoin Wallet Apps?

In a very short time frame of over or close to the half a decade, the total worth of Bitcoin has grown by a whopping 20607 percent. The transactions made by using the bitcoins as a mode of currency have unpredictably surpassed a little. The value is over a hundred billion in US dollar. But on the other hand there are very good reasons for the fast growth which are as follows:

Cheaper and Faster Of Transferring:

When it comes to transferring money in the traditional way, one feels obligated.  You got to wait for a certain period for the funds to become available in their respective banks. Even after the money becomes available banks charge certain transaction fees. This is to transfer the funds from the user to the receiver. The transaction fees are taken by the bank from the recipients as well as the senders. The money transactions made by one using Bitcoins is faster and without any transaction reduced fees.

No Government Control over Bitcoins:

One does not need to panic if both the private and government banks make the decision to take back any uninsured deposit Hire Bitcoin App Developer to transfer all your funds into bitcoins. Bitcoins are decentralized, belonging fully to the people and not any kind of government or under the thumb of any foreign country.

Bitcoin is more secure-

There is literally not even a little chance of falling prey to fraud. The personal information of the user in bitcoin wallet apps is completely secure from the client’s end. A bitcoin wallet user is given some very special keys. One is public and the other private, a Bitcoin user can make a secure transition by using both the keys combined together.

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