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How to build a successful Ecommerce Marketplace

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Thinking about building an ecommerce website Development for yourself? Thrilled with just by the idea of it being successful, but don’t really know what you should do? Well, my friend you are not alone.

The ever booming and fastest growing digital industry – Ecommerce Development Services is about to experience even more growth. According to business experts it will surpass a triple trillion dollars in the years to come. Even though this looks like an easy and highly profitable business it is also highly dangerous, if you don’t know how to invest your hard earned money and convert it into a customer centric marketplace. We’ll enlighten you with some extremely important tips so that you can avoid those expensive mistakes and become a successful ecommerce marketplace.

Tip #1 – The mentality to run online business

Even though ecommerce is an online presence, you will have to be working and making your presence felt “offline”. This means doing and making efforts for all those things which you would do for an offline business. This means setting your mentality right.

Running online businesses or ecommerce website development services require sincerity and desire. It’s not your hobby. You are not doing it just for fun. You are doing it to earn millions of dollars. You have to give it the right respect and sharp input that it deserves. It’s no different from a real business. Remember that.

Bonus – Also running a successful online business requires real and virtual input both. You should be prepared to adopt and implement new strategies on both ends and make it work together, or else it will fail.

Tip #2 – Have a customer centric approach


When you are choosing products for your website to sell, it is good to sell things that you know about. But knowing your needs and selling products you are passionate about won’t get you far in this business. You will only make things more hard for  yourself.

What is the point? People only buy things that they are passionate about or are in need of. So instead of selling things according to your need invest in products which are appealing to a wide variety of customers. Because they are going to pay for your products not you. The most important thing in this research. Study what items people need and complain about. Then introduce them into your website. Always remember products that are high in demand and low on supply are the most profitable as well as marketable.


Bonus It is always good to study about the top selling and in demand products from popular marketplaces. This way you will not go wrong as you are giving customers what they want.

Tip #3 – Establish yourself as a Unique Ecommerce Marketplace


Although you are not doing things which are different from other online businesses, just looking like a distinguished company amongst the others help in the long run.

Customers are always looking to buy something, they might go through several of ecommerce website solutions. But they only remember what struck their fancy. What seemed different and unique. If you are unable to distinguish yourself from others, failure will follow you. To achieve this remember – do not compete with other companies. Other companies are already established and they sell to millions of customers everyday. You can’t compete with that. But what you can do is make your brand unique. Like introducing something which is not available elsewhere.

eBay wasn’t the first ecommerce marketplace, but it got successful. Why? Because it studied what Amazon was doing and what Amazon was not doing. Then it introduced the auctioning system which allowed independent companies and people to auction their products online. Studying what others are doing leads you to what others are not doing. And what others are not doing is always best for business.

Bonus Hurry up in establishing what you have discovered unique because what you have discovered is not undiscoverable, it’s just not have been discovered yet.

Tip #4 – Perfectly pricing your product


It might come as the most profitable if done right and business ending if done wrong. Pricing your products perfectly can be a major step towards creating a successful ecommerce marketplace. If you price your products too low it will unprofitable and if you price them too high you won’t attract customers and generate income.

Now how to label your products with the perfect price tag? Firstly calculate your cost price. The price at which you are buying your products. Then what it costs you to deliver the product. Thirdly calculate miscellaneous costs like your ecommerce website solutions’ cost, materials and maintenance. For example you are buying a pair of shoes at 10$, delivery charges are 2$ and you spend 3$ on other activities. Then a pair of shoes would cost you 15$ in total. This means you should sell your shoes for no less than 15$. And if you want to make profit, you should raise the price higher. Generally keystone pricing is done to sell a product online. Like if a pair of shoes cost you 10$ double it’s price and sell it for 20$. But you can always change something to suit it according to your needs and liking.

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