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7 Traits A Mobile App Development Company Must Have


Mobile app development is a tricky business. But, it also promises a lot of success and revenue for the company if done properly. Now most companies when deciding to go with the idea of developing an app for different purposes, may find themselves in a crux. This crux can be many things:

  • They have a good team, but they already are working on many projects.
  • They don’t provide mobile app development services.
  • The team you have may not have the required skill for that particular app.

Now, you can either hire some new people or train the employees to develop an app or make the already overworked team do this too. But this practice will cost you dearly, and compromise the quality of the app.

The best thing to do is hire a mobile app development company. Many small startups are coming to light that provides mobile software services at affordable rates. From coding to designing, to getting it approved, and providing maintenance till the app is online, they provide every service for mobile application development.

But how do you know which company to hire? Well, continue reading to find out 6 traits that a mobile app development company must have to get hired:

1. Make sure that they provide timely reports of any updates

When you choose an app development services team, ask them beforehand what communication channels they use, and how frequently they update you about the process of development.

This is important because there have been cases when the company hired an app development team, told them all about how they want the app and when they want it. But after the initial conversation, that mobile app company just disappeared, no updates or progress reports, and when they finally gave you the app, it wasn’t what they wanted.

So, make sure that you ask them to give you weekly or quarterly reports about the progress of the project. Check the codes and design so that if it isn’t like you planned or envisioned, it can be corrected.

2. Experience in the market and expertise over the platform

You have already researched the market and your target customers for app development. But it is important to collaborate with an app developing firm that has some experience in the market and knows how to target the customers. You can even give a go to the new firm, but they must have knowledge of the market.

Similarly, before hiring the mobile app development company, it’s good to make sure that they are an expert in the platform you want the app for. It can be android or IOS, but they should be well-versed on the technology for which you want the app to be developed for only then you will get a quality article. Because the developing process of both the platforms is different, this question must be asked. Same goes for the cross-platform app which means developing an app for both the platforms.

3. Testimonials from the previous clients

Dig a bit deeper and talk to the previous clients of the mobile app development company you have hired. Sure, you can read the testimonials and see the ratings, but they are always good and don’t talk about anything in-depth. So, have a conversation with them and find out how the team worked all throughout the development process.

4. Easy communication channels

A good software development team will have a communication channel to communicate with its clients. Ask your potential developers how will they provide you with the weekly/quarterly reports? Also, make sure that if you want any sudden changes or want to add new features, you easily communicate with them. Ask how to contact them anytime- emails, calls or any other channel they prefer.

5. A great team with clearly defined roles

If you want the app to develop quickly and professionally, you need to look for a mobile app development service provider that has a dedicated team of experts with clearly defined roles. One team should be given the task to handle your project, and that team must have 2-3 experts for every feature-coding, designing, QA testing and so on. The initial team should work till the handling of the project (until there are some reasons to change), as this gives them focus.

6. Offers complete package

Hire a mobile application development company that offers you the complete package (coding, design, development, testing, deployment, and feedback). Also, they should provide you with post-launch services too like maintenance and bug fixes. Don’t hire a team that leaves you after the app is launched, adding new features or updating it in the future is inevitable so look for a company that does the same.

These are the qualities that you must look for when you are trying to find the right development company in the US or any other country you live in. If you want your mobile software development process to be smooth, quick, and successful; hire a company that uses the best of the technology to provide you with the best app. It will take time and a lot of research, but the end results will be worth it.

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