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7 Most Incredible and Amazing Things You Can Do with IoT

Internet of Things

Internet of things or IOT is one technology that has advanced so much that amazing things can be achieved with this. IOT has gone beyond the things like small gadgets that you could control from your phones, now it even controls smart lighting for your house, and can predict failures in the future for many types of machinery and industry.

The internet of things

The internet of things has really done amazing, cool and incredible things in the year 2018, but before we read about them lets read a bit more about IOT?

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of things IOT is a method of interrelated objects, animals, and people and computing devices and digital machinery. All these interrelated things are presented with unique identifiers (UIDs) and have the capability to communicate or transmit data without any interaction between humans or between human-to-computers.

The thing in the internet of things can be anything from a person that has an implant to an animal with a biochip or even an automobile with sensors to safeguard the life of the driver and maintain the vehicle. With time the use of IOT in many industries can be seen, which is a good thing because it makes them more efficient and they provide better customer services and help grow the business.

What is IOT technology and how it works?

IOT technology is a network of interrelated things that range from people to objects to industry. The IOT technology is a little complex, but beneficial and this is how it works:

  • The IOT technology is comprised of web-enabled devices that collect, send or use the data they have stored in their system through their environment. This data acquisition is done through processors, sensors, and communication hardware fixed into the smart devices.
  • Then these IoT devices share the assembled data by linking to an IoT gateway this data is then sent to cloud for analyzing.
  • The IoT devices can connect with other similar devices to acquire data and then act on it.

Benefits of the Internet of Things or IoT:

The internet of things is beneficial to organizations in many ways:

  • It lets them keep an eye on their business processes
  • It enhances the consumer experience
  • It saves time and money and enhances employee productivity
  • It encourages companies to rethink their approach and strategies for business growth and provides a tool for the same.
  • It generates enough revenue by improving the decision-making mechanism of the business.

the internet of things

Now, that we have read so much about IoT, let us move on the amazing and incredible things it will let us do: –

1. IoT protects the privacy of our smart home

Our houses have become technologically advanced with smart door locks and ovens and so on. But still, we are worried about security and privacy because honestly they can be hacked. Dojo is a smart device that uses the internet of things to protect the smart tech that is in our homes.

It is like a black pebble protecting our Wi-Fi network and all connected home devices from cyber-attacks and viruses. It notifies you immediately in case any suspicious items are found and you can deal with one by one before it becomes really serious.

2. See, hear and speak to the visitor from anywhere

Another application of the internet of things is SkyBell, it is a smart doorbell with embedded video that sends a live video alert to you whenever anyone presses it.

It has a microphone, speaker, and a loud vision that helps to greet anyone and even scare off suspicious visitors even when you are not at home.

You can watch any visitor who comes to your doorstep but doesn’t press the bell through its inbuilt motion sensor.

3. Makes the AI more effective and less costly

Another use of IoT can be seen in artificial intelligence. Graphcore has designed an intelligence processing unit for machine intelligence workloads. These IPU systems work with the Graphcore’s framework and popular to enhance the performance and efficiency of the AI in machines.  This also helps save a lot of cost being invested in the AI.

internet of things-IOT

4. IoT in medicine- no more amputation from diabetes

Diabetes causes a lot of problems and one of the problems is foot ulcers that result in foot amputations. The internet of things technology has been used by Bluedrop Medical to provide home-based devices that let the patients scan their foot and detect ulcer early or when they are both treatable and affordable. With this device, you can scan your limp regularly, and all the data is stored in the cloud and analyzed so that you can be notified about any abnormalities as early as possible.

5. Internet of things lets you listen to the machine for any issues

Augury came up with a device that can diagnosis machines by listening to the sounds made by them. It runs the sound through an algorithm which detects any changes no matter how small they are and notifies the responsible person through a phone app.

Augury predicts the failure of the machine or maintenance time by looking at its current state which saves a lot of time and money.

6. Use IoT to keep the check on employees fatigue levels

Caterpillar firm came up with Cat Smartband- a wearable cloud-connected sleep monitor, which uses the internet of things to analyze the fatigue levels and let the owners know if they will cause any risk to them.

It helps the employers make better work schedules to enhance performance and lessen accidents by providing reports about the same.

7. Keep an eye on your house

The thing we worry the most about when we go on a trip is our house being robbed or used for some illegal activities. Well, Smartfrog has a solution for this; through this app, you can watch your house and its activity from anywhere and anytime. It works through a phone app that has a camera embedded with a motion sensor, microphone, and speaker and night vision- all crucial to monitor your house. Not only it is helpful to keep thieves away, but you can also keep a check on your pets or children, and talk to them whenever you want or they need you to.

So these are the ways you can use the internet of things to your advantage. It is a booming industry, and it also needs skilled employees. But just knowing about what internet of things is or what is IoT technology won’t help you get a job in this industry. You need to be good in electronics and data transmission protocols and must be fluent in languages like Swift (for apple), Java, JavaScript, Python and C, C++.

If you have developed a passion for IoT, go for it. If not, then continue using all the amazing applications powered with IoT and keep improving your life.

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