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6 Key Features That You Need To Implement In Your Shopping App

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Starting an online eCommerce is now easier than ever before. With the constant growth of technology, businesses around the world have moved over from the traditional method of electronic method. If you are planning to move to the online store, then you need to be up-to-date with the latest market trends. In the tech world, a number of advanced features recently introduced, helping shoppers to make their buying online simpler, easier and secure. You can implement these advanced features in your application to stand next to the competitors.

eCommerce apps

These days, almost everything you can be found over the internet. Technology and internet have simplified our life as various online mobile apps such as online food ordering, ticket booking, healthcare consultant, and online shopping are at our fingertips and these apps can never be out of trends. Moreover, the companies and developers around the world have been working constantly on many advanced technologies to reduce human efforts.

To make your app prominent, you should integrate the following advanced features such as:

  • Free or competitive shipping options

Nobody likes shipping charges while placing an online order as they prefer eCommerce apps that does not take any shipping charges from the customers. According to this extensive study, around 80% of online shoppers agree that Free Shipping is the most important aspect of checking out online. If you want your shoppers along with your services, then you should also make your eCommerce app shipping-charges free.

  • Advanced product live shipping tracking

One of the key ingredients of a successful app is fast delivery of goods and live order tracking and status feature. It will enable the users to simply track the status of their order. It is worth to keep your customers updating about their order tracking so that they can track their orders in real-time.

  • Superior photography from a different angle

To make your app the best it’s vital to keep in mind the photo of the product. It’s really true saying that we first eat with our eyes. If the photo of the product is appealing and attractive then no one can stop the viewer from buying their favorite product the design of the product should cover every angle giving the customer full 3D view of the product.

  • Multiple payment modes

There are various types of buyers, some of them prefer online payment while some of them like to make payment through e-wallet. It is important to have a myriad of options for payment modes in your eCommerce application. Keeping all customers in mind, it is important to have Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Net Banking, COD (Cash on Delivery) and more. Thus, you should also add security parameters to build trust with your shoppers.

  • A fast guest checkout option

Permit users to do shopping as guests. People these days look for relaxed and fast ways to purchase. There is nothing more laborious for online shoppers than the checkout process. It’s impossible to remove all fields entirely and the checkout is the process where the entire information input is required. The key to winning this field is to ask users to provide the information you truly require and to keep the number of fields as limited as possible. Look for opportunities to auto-fill information, like City and State based on zip code input. These slight dashes make the process quicker and stress-free for users. Make sure that the users find it very easy to check out from your application. In other areas of your mobile app, buttons are optimized to be easily selected by thumbs and fingers.

  • Predictive search and advanced filters

Predictive search has become an advanced feature to find the product in just seconds. Predictive search and advanced filters make a great shopping experience. To make online shopping much better, you may also implement this feature in your eCommerce application for your desired products by product name, category, color, brand and more.


Once you identify your role and target viewers, you can follow the simple 6-step procedure we shared in this article to generate an outstanding shopping app.

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