6 Best Car Rental Apps For A Better Riding Experience




6 Best Car Rental Apps For A Better Riding Experience

Feb 03, 2023 Mobile App

Planning a road trip and looking for a perfect solution to make it memorable? If yes, renting a car is any day better than hiring a taxi. As it is less expensive, provides roadside assistance, and comes with other added benefits. Not only this car rental gives you freedom to drive your own way.

Gone are those days when you had to walk up to the car rental outlet to submit documents and rent the car. Now everything is just a tap away, with professional car rental services you can rent a car, see tariff information, and can make your personal road tripor business trip memorable.

If you are providing car rental services in local areas then you can build a car rental mobile app to grow your business online. Car Rental Apps that we are going to discuss have good value in the international market. To make an app like this with basic features you can hire a mobile app developer or a Mobile App Development Company in India who can deliver the best value to your business. Car rental mobile app development not only requires a lot of time and dedication but also requires a marketing strategy to run business operations across the major cities of the country.

Here we bring for you best car rental apps that you can use on your Android phone to rent a car.


“Your whole trip, in one app”, Expedia justifies their tagline. An app with an intuitive interface and one-stop solution for all your travel needs. Expedia is a promising care rental app, that not only is a perfect enterprise solution for car rental, but it also lets you tag in your hotel reservations and flight. This amazing app offers various comprehensive services that you can opt-in from to discover features like navigating the city you are traveling to and knowing popular destinations you aren’t familiar with. Plus, you can earn reward points each time you book through the app and use them to avail discounts over millions of hotels. Expedia app has everything you need.

Turo – Better Than Car Rentals

Another Android car rental app that will make your road trip memorable. Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace from where you can book any car anytime from local hosts across the traveler-base of the US, the UK, Canada, and Germany. Turo helps you find the perfect vehicle for your road trip, business meeting or adventure trip. With Turo you can choose from over 8500 unique models, book cars directly from local host at 30% less charges, get car delivered and book trip on the go in a single tap. Turo helps both car owners and travelers as it allows private car owners to rent out their vehicle through online interface.


Another car rental company that offers see-through prices to travelers. With Skyscanner, you can find a cost-effective car, hire fast and hit the road to enjoy your road trip. No need to look anywhere when you have Skyscanner simply enter your destination, start and end date of your trip and leave everything else on Skyscanner. This car rental company will compare from thousands of car rental deals to get the best and cost-effective deal for you. No need to worry about hidden costs or car rental bills Skyscanner the car rental solution will get a car rental for you in a jiffy.

Revv – Self Drive Car Rental Service in India

Get rented car delivered at your doorstep with Revv. Tagged as India’s first doorstep care rental service Revv, offers unlimited kms package at a starting price of ₹ 33* per hour. Presently, it functions in major Indian cities. To name a few they are Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, and others. This app lets you choose from a wide range of cars like Hyundai, Honda City, Eco Sport, and others. Moreover, you can rent on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


An old fashioned and affordable car rental service provider. Lyft lets you request a car in a single tap. Using the app, you can hail car and driver wherever you need to go. Not only this you can pay from within the app, split the bill and more.


This is last on our list, but it is not the least. Uber car rental app helps to simplify your travel plans. It appeals to those travelers who want to avail car rental service but don’t want to rent a car. With Uber, you can enjoy costing effective cab rides without worrying about hidden cost including insurance, damages. Uber is a travel-friendly service.

Finishing Thoughts

With so many car rental service apps at your disposal, you can now instantly and quickly book a self-driven car to enjoy solo road trip or with friends and family. What you need to do is simply install the app create an account, select from various choices and get the car. If you want it delivers to your doorstep use Revv, if you want a reliable one goes with Enterprise rent a car. It depends on you and your requirement which service you choose. The ones mentioned above are perfect car rental solution for both business and professional use. We hope you take benefit of these apps and get a car booked for yourself. Make sure you check all the benefits offered before you book the car.

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