Android App Development

6 Benefits of Android App Development for Businesses

Businesses are going digital, and thus the need to invest in mobile apps is inevitable. With this ever-growing need for digitalization, it is time that every firm gets their business app development process started. Now, both the platforms IOS and Android are crucial, so which one should you go for?

Android App Development

Android owns 75% market share and is fairly easy and affordable to work with especially for startups. Thus, the market has seen an increase in android app Development Company and the reasons are simple. It is an open source platform with a huge market base; the developers can also customize the app based on their client’s needs.

With so many benefits it is not surprising that android app development services are in demand. While choosing the best company make sure they provide you with the following benefits.

Continue reading to find out the top 6 benefits of android app development for your business:

Adjustable and easy to customize

An android application can be easily modified if the business expands or evolves or its requirement changes. An android app development company’s engineers find it easy to explore the app and use their creativity to adjust it according to the business’s needs.

Since Android is a versatile and robust OS, any customization that you need for your business app development is possible and easy. Just hire the best android app development company, and you will get the entire package.


Due to it being an open-source platform, the android app development company can easily get their hands on its Software development kit (SDK). This makes android app development easy, quick and cost-effective. It basically has three steps:

  • Designing and developing
  • Testing and,
  • Deployment

Any company that provides android app development services is viable to use the material design from SDK, and the app will come out interactive and user-friendly. The total cost of creating the Android app is low, and thus ROI incurred is high for the business.

It is still evolving

This platform is still evolving as Android Development Company keeps updating it or brings new features into the market.

So when you chose android for your business app development, it helps you to keep your options open for adding any feature in the future that is not possible right now, since it is still evolving.

Innovation, global reach and targeting few audiences

The platform of Android is used globally which is particularly helpful if you want to target a specific audience. The android app development company can take help of innovative and new features for developing an app just for a target audience.  It also lets you integrate the new technology- Augmented and virtual reality to provide better user experience to consumers.

Integration with Google

The biggest advantage of having an android app is getting the awesome apps, features, and services of Google. While Apple too has some of these services available, in Android, you can get your app tailor-made to let your user use the services of Google easily. Also, any new services launched by this search engine giant can be incorporated into the app.

Increased security

Many android development companies have come up with new features that are not only business-friendly but also makes the platform more secure and safe. The Android latest OS version Lollipop is Google’s way to compete with Apple’s safety measures.

With these new safety measures it is impossible to breach data on Android, and also, malware now has a difficult time in locating the data structure.

Also, this platform makes promoting your app easy, and also includes the marketing strategy- ‘mouth of the word’ for this purpose.

Android application development has so many benefits which make it the perfect platform. With 75% of users using Android devices worldwide, a business can’t neglect to have an app on this platform.

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