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5 Latest iPhone App Development Trends in 2016

iPhone App Development

With Apple’s desire to be the first to introduce the world with the latest of technology updates, the company has earned itself a huge global customer base that is further expanding with the launch of each new Apple product. Owing to its large global customer base the iPhone app market has also gained a high popularity and is one of the biggest mobile marketing platforms for businesses.

iPhone App Development

So if you are thinking of promoting your business upon the iOS app market platform by creating your new iPhone app, you need to fight the tough competition by employing some of the latest trends in iOS app development.

So let’s walk along the way to know some of the latest trends in iPhone app development in 2016:

1)    Swift Coding:

Owing to its optimized set of frameworks and methodologies, Swift Coding has overpowered the Objective-C coding that was previously deployed for iOS app development. The Swift Coding displays a simple and easily customizable approach towards iOS app development and its appropriate employment helps the iPhone app development service providers to show a significant increase in the pace of iOS app development process. Further optimizing its own frameworks Apple has launched the more advanced coding language, i.e. Swift 2.

2)    Location Tracking approach for better mobile marketing-

In order for a better understanding of the customer base and its preferences, businesses like to integrate location tracking functionality with their apps. But iBeacon that is a standard for location tracking in iOS app development requires larger data inputs and thus uses a good amount of power from mobile batteries. So as to gain an upper hand with this trend, iOS app developers need to find good ways to make the iBeacon functionality more optimum and less draining.

3)    Greater App Security-

According to the 2015 Gartner App Security report about 75% of mobile apps scored lower than the threshold mark for security. Owing to this there is a dedicated shift towards more secure in-app purchase mode and the iOS app developers are expected to rise beyond the threshold app security limits so as to gain in the reliability of an iPhone app.

4)    Leap towards IoT and other Apple wearables-

With the introduction of Apple Watch 2 and a grand IoT universe, that is to come soon, the iOS app market in this area will be remodelled with the help of a suitable extension. The app market for Watch OS2 will be further expanded, thus expanding the area of business marketing on iOS platform. With this, the iPhone app development companies need to earn a good expertise in the iPhone app development process according to the latest trends.

5)    Synchronisation Across Multiple Devices-

According to one of the latest trends, cloud technologies will now be used as a sync between apps on multiple devices. Along with gaining in the user experience, this technology would allow the iOS app developers to reduce the app sizes. The integration part would surely employ complications for the iPhone app development firms, but they would have to add more to their iOS app development expertise in coordination to the latest trends.

There are some more trends to follow in the iOS app development process in 2016, that would be marked by the much-awaited list of launches this year, that are – iOS10, iPhone 7, 7 Plus and iPhone 6C. With this, if you desire to get iOS app development solutions hand-in-hand with the latest trends, contact at – [email protected]

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