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5 Latest Features of Health Care Mobile App Which You Must Consider

Nearly every mobile user has either heard, seen or used Healthcare applications. With the advent of healthcare apps, many innovative transformations have been seen in the healthcare industry. Future is right here now, as the patients and healthcare professional around the world are taking the benefits of mobile health apps or healthcare devices to measure their weight, blood sugar, calories, blood pressure and more. 70% mobile users are using healthcare mobile apps to streamline their fitness. The use of mobile health apps is expected to reach 206 billion U.S. dollars by 2020 specifically by mobile and wireless device. Indeed, the time has totally changed, we have witnessed a drastic change which has moved us ahead from keypad phone to one-touch smartphone. And, now we can stay in touch with our family and friends, purchase online services, and even can monitor health-related problem. Thanks to the technology to make our life easier with just one touch.

Moreover, modern technologies like Automation and IoT (Internet of Things) have also made a big contribution in changing the entire healthcare system. The use of a fitness app is increasing at a fast pace. Yet even though the usage of wearables and health app has doubled over the past two years, and health apps continue to dominate app stores. Developers are still trying their best to add more advanced features in healthcare mobile applications.

If you are planning to make a healthcare app, here we will help you to make something useful. Here we are going to list the top 6 most important features that you need to consider while developing a healthcare app.

  • Create Engaging UX/UI

Create Engaging UX/UI

It is important to have appealing UX/UI for healthcare app. Patients/doctors want healthcare mobile apps that are easy to access. If your app is not featured with a clean design and eye-catching interface, then it somewhere may fail to impress your mass users and might exit soon. For patients, doctors and healthcare professionals, you must focus on the user interface and relevant information.

  • Add Patient, Doctor and Admin Panel

Add Patient, Doctor and Admin Panel

Healthcare organizations or professionals are increasingly moving to apps that run on mobile devices or wearable devices to support physicians or other caregivers. There are various healthcare apps are already running on the users’ smartphone. Some apps are based on patient services or some apps are for fitness professionals. It is important to you to build a patient and, doctor panel that they can exchange information without any hassle. Through doctor panel, doctors can update and manage their information such appointment time, fees, mobile number and more. On the other hand, through the patient panel, the patients can access their information by using username and password. They can also access their reports and can directly consult with the doctors without visiting the clinic and hospital.

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  • Wearable Device Connection


With the increasing demand for smartwatches and healthcare devices, various healthcare organizations are taking the benefits of advanced technology like IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) to their medical services. To make your health mobile app more useful, you need to configure your health mobile app with wearable or wireless devices. A positive reaction has been noted from the larger number of the audience around the world. Your wearable device should be loaded with features like daily activity, heart rate, blood pressure, blog sugar, glucose, gait, posture control, tremors, physical activity or sleep patterns.

  • Cloud-Based Data Storage

Cloud-Based Data Storage

Various healthcare organizations or patients have faced many problems in managing their data in smartphones or wireless devices. The inception of cloud storage has helped both the patient and doctors in many ways. Thus, the doctors and patients can access their information anywhere & anytime. It is not possible to handle the variety of data in the smartphone and wireless device so you need to add cloud-based data storage in a mobile health app to give a number of benefits to your audience.

  • Security


Security is essential to keep data secure as healthcare mobile app store sensitive information of patients and doctors. According to the best app development companies, it is must that your healthcare app should be configured with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act).


The Healthcare industry has become more advanced as the industry has evolved with growing penetration. Moreover, it is easy to build healthcare apps, but apps without helpful features are useless. If you want to build a healthcare mobile app, then you should focus on the above features to make your app faster, reliable and useful.

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