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5 Latest Android App Development Trends

The dominance Smartphones have gained over the mobile market is inevitably a function of its unbound capabilities and user experience it offers to the users.  With the growth of the popularity of smartphones, there was a rapid increase in the fame of android application development market. Today, as we see – Android dominates the smartphone sales, and this sales share is predicted to reach up to 81.1% by 2019. Be it business through app building or through app sales, android app market has gained enough customer base to come up with an influential advertisement and marketing platform too.

Android App Development

So here we bring you the 5 latest Android App Development Trends :

1)    Dazzling User Experience:

Owing to the ever-rising competition in the android app development market, the android app development companies are more concerned towards  creating an astonishing user experience for their apps. A user-friendly app with an attractive theme and loaded with features is the new approach that will be used in the near future to craft the users an incredible user experience.

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2)    Trends for More Business-Specific Android Apps:

Businesses are now more inclined towards building more business-specific android applications that serve the specific purposes they are built for. Example – Hotel Booking App, Ticket Booking Apps, eCommerce Apps etc.

3)    Free Android App Market:

With the increasing popularity of the Android app market, the Android app development companies are inclined towards availing free application download and earn from the pop-up or the inbuilt advertisement market. The number of free downloads or the number of users remains the concern for these apps.

4)    Security :

One of the greatest points of concern being the security, android app development market will be focusing on a more secure platform obstructing the unauthorized access to information of the smartphone users. The new OS upgrade, Marshmallow will be featured such to guarantee more security and reliability.

5)    Faster Android App Development Services:

Owing to the increasing complexity in the mobile hardware, types of interface, screen area and resolution, Android app development has become a time-taking process. But, in the following years, there would be a rise in the rate of Android app development with the increase in the number of businesses and the adaptability.

The above trends in the Android application development market will surely affect the business scenario in many potent android apps development markets like India, China, US, and UK. For boosting your businesses with an entry in the Android App market choose optimized android app development services at –

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