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Top 5 Benefits of Magento 2.0 over Magento 1.0

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Today, Magento owing to its flexible support has grown as one of the most preferred eCommerce web development platforms serving as a base for above 2,00,000 (2 Lakh) online retail businesses worldwide. The platform owing to its easy customization advantage and open source fundamental has been giving a tough competition to its fellow competitors like Shopify and BigCommerce.  But along with these perks, there are some disadvantages of choosing Magento eCommerce development services powered by Magento 1.0 , these are – low-performance speeds, complex administrative support on Backend, and not-so-intuitive checkout process.

To resolve these issues or disadvantages in Magento 1.0, there was the release of Magento 2.0 in Nov 2015. Coming up as a perfect eCommerce website development tool, Magento 2.0 platform is developed to feature better functionality, performance and intuitiveness than the previous Magento 1.0 platform.

Here we bring you some of the 5 significant benefits of Magento 2.0 over Magento 1.0 platform :

1)    Performance Enhancement:

Magento 2.0 comes with enhanced performance characteristics over Magento 1.0, with offering about 20% higher browsing speeds than the latter. With this full-page caching support in built in Magento 2 thus, the page loading speed in Magento 2.0 will be also higher, making Magento eCommerce web development services more favourable.

2)    Intuitive Checkout Process:

Magento 2.0 powered eCommerce websites will follow a more intuitive Checkout process with a lesser number of steps as compared to the previous version of Magento powered websites. Thus, the eCommerce websites developed on Magento 2 .0 platform will have higher conversion rates.

3)    Easy to Use Admin Control Panel:

Further increasing the popularity of Magento eCommerce website development services, Magento 2.0 features a user-friendly Admin Control Panel that allows the admin to manage the products and content on the frontend sole intuitively. Features like drag-and-drop and higher product import speeds are incorporated.

4)    New payment gateway Integrations:

Serving as the best eCommerce web development platform, Magento 2.0 integrates with the popular payment gateway extensions like Worldpay, PayPal, Braintree and Cybersource, so as to help the customers choose their preferred payment gateway.

5)    Quarterly Updates:

Magento eCommerce web development services will now be able to access the newly updated resources more promptly as the updates for Magento 2.0 version will be live every three months.

So here are some benefits of Magento 2.0 platform over Magento 1.0. With this, if you desire an affordable and optimised transition from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.0 powered eCommerce websites or require state of the art Magento eCommerce web development services, contact at – sales@endivesoftware.com

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