A Case Study of one of the leading Bitcoin Wallet Application Development to assist the customers as well increase Digital transactions


It is a centralized Bitcoin company, producing extremely fastened Bitcoin mobile containers, institutional character transfers, and multiple application programs interface for the dealer and other enterprise combination.
Bitcoin consumers can practice this mobile Wallet for quicker and affordable cash alterations to your relatives, colleagues and associates, ordering information online buying and collecting the digital currency through this mobile application.

The Challenge:

The overall design of modern Bitcoin mobile wallet application required polish the complete user participation, as well as including new theories and innovations to enhance the Bitcoin mobile application performance.

An important component of the upgrade was the appropriation of element design arrangement for advertising comfort.

While the superiority of customers was using the Android operating system, the Bitcoin mobile wallet application should be accessible for iPhone devices as well.

The Solution:

We commence the mobile application with plants adjacent of the organization, which originated a synergetic powerful environment. While our relationship started with secondary user interface enhancements to the contemporary mobile Bitcoin application, we moved following distributed the responsibility of modernizing the digital currency mobile app with a new expression regulated according to the Google’s perceptible composition protocol.

We practiced current appearance platter and presented it a clean, contemporary touch by pointing the glow continuously from an earlier declivity user interface and combining melanistic variations that were more engaging and aligned with element form.

While the superiority of customers was using the Android operating system, the Bitcoin mobile wallet application is accessible for download on Apple machines also.

Along with these, we have implemented the equivalent substance pattern appearance for the iPhone devices as well that included the appropriate styling such as classes for extra of a customized touch.

15,000 users

With entrance to the application and adjacent to 100% approval rate.


  • Time-to-market – 16 weeks.
  • Approval times close to 100%.
  • Speed close to 100%.
  • 7 versions in production in 9 weeks.

Project Card Implemented by:

Timeline:16 weeks

Integrations:JSON-RPC, Elis-API

User Profiles:User, manager, Controller and Super admin

Evaluation Criteria

  • Adjustable, comfortable-to-adapt and versatile for fulfilling global conditions.
  • User-friendly integration to improve appropriation.
  • Fast growth and low subsistence expenses.


  • Centralized data with method industrialization, and accessible whenever and everywhere have remained core to the conclusion of the global venture.
  • Comprehensive and integrated distribution administration method convenient to the entire group.
  • Modernization of purchasing methods continues operating a mechanism that contains all the methods for Bitcoin information that available to all legislator at all consequences through different bespeak consolidates.
  • User feedback and fundamental differences revealed every week, in a distinct application version, with an aggregate 5 hours.
  • Reduced operational costs and rate.

About the company:

The company is founded in 2012 with the 51 to 100 employees. It has perpetually been a top-notch Bitcoin app development company, developing their market around the movable center. This is in line with their business concept to obtain capital valuable and extensively available.


The new application provides us the better control of workflow and ability to capture new markets and clients. The application integrates us with details of transactions, number of user engagement etc.