It seems like Apple moving into banking with the imminent launch of Apple card. On Monday Apple surprise everyone with the launch of Apple Credit Card. It is one of the biggest news in the city.

The CEO of Apple, Tom Cook said that in 2019 Apple pay is going to be available in more than 40 countries and it is ready to reach 10 billion transactions. In the United States, the Apply Pay application is used by huge numbers of users. And at approx. 70% of the retailers are accepting payment via Apple Pay. But in Australia, the rate of acceptance is 99% Apple Pay. That is the statistics and the only reason for Apple to invest in this new business.

Apple Has Unveiled Its New Credit Card

What is the Apple Credit Card?

The card is linked to the Apple pay which is a service and lets people load their banking information to pay in the store or use it the other way. The Apple credit card will offer users to make their payments via card whether it’s online or in a store. Some of the users are using apple pay but it is available only in some places like the United States, Australia, etc. This digital credit card can be used to pay for products and services online as well as in stores or shops.

What does “Jennifer Bailey,” the Vice President of Apple Pay Said about the new card being launched?

The card also includes a cash-back thing for rewards including 2 percent cash-back on all Apple Purchases and other cash-back like 3 percent on the purchases made on the apple store. Apple Pay’s Vice President Jennifer Bailey said that Apple will not share the user data with the partner companies and advertisers. Apple will also be offering the Titanium credit cards where the apple pay feature is not available.

Also, Apple will not know about where the consumers paid the money what they bought or how much they spent with the Apple Credit card, which will be running on the Master Card Network.

Where it can be used?

As we know, Apple Pay is not work in every country but the card would be used in those countries where Apple Pay is not available. All stores and shop which are available in the world that accepts MasterCard will accept Apple Credit Card as well. And it can be used in web stores, apps, shops, etc. with any conditions.

Where did you get Apple Credit card?

Apple credit card will be available on Amazon for around $1,000 for iPhone users. People easily get this card by sign up with Apple credit card app and able to use the card in the digital form. Apple credit card doesn’t take many days to arrive in the post, unlike standard credit cards. It will appear on the user’s screen dashboard and ready for spending within a few moments of signing up.