This is the most awaited version of the Angular CLI. Developers these days are more excited about the newer versions.

Angular CLI is upgrading day by day. These updates generally include Angular Material & CDK, its performance improvements and other CLI prompts.

Highlights about Angular 7

Well there are not many updates coming, also there are not many features which are launched in this version, but stopping you from getting disappointment there are certainly some upgrades which are useful for Angular-front-end-developers which certainly includes improvement for the angular material and its core framework, also CLI is upgraded with synchronized major versions and upgrades to the toolchain.

Developers can upgrade their angular versions by just using the syntax

  • ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

If you are still facing problems in upgrading your angular versions then you must check on the angular update guide which provides you with easy steps to follow to get you angular upgraded to a latest version.

New Features in Angular 7

  1. CDK (Component Dev Kit): This year Angular 7 was introduced with the minor update which contains minor visual updates and material design updates which received a major update this year. The update is also listed with some more improved components like virtual scrolling, huge lists of data; dynamic loading and unpacking of parts of DOM were listed in the CDK update.
  • Drag & Drop Module: This feature in the Angular 7 version provides a drag and drop interface. This Drag and Drop Interface provides dragging, animations, drag handles, transferring the items between the lists, previewing and placeholders these are some features backing up drag and drop.
  • Performance Improvements:  Well the development team for Angular has always focused on performance improvements, also while improving it they found out that most of the developers using angular were using reflect-metadata in their products which is actually the development requirement.
  • Virtual Scrolling: To load and unload the items from DOM in Angular 7 this feature is used depending upon on the visible parts of lists which results into a much faster experience for the developers who have a large scrolling list. This feature reacts to all the scrolling events in the development process.

Updating Requirements for Angular 7

The upgrading process is very simple. There are many Angular Apps which are still running on Angular 6, to upgrade it you need to run a single command:

  • ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

For updating the Angular Material you should use

  • ng update @angular/material

For more details you must view the angular guidelines.