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Android App Maintenance & Upgrades

Endive Software is bestowed with a self-composed team of experienced Android developers who share a valuable expertise in serving superlative Android App Maintenance & Upgrade Services to our clients by utilizing the latest updated resources.

Over 1500 Business Ideas to Brands with our leading-edge Mobile App Development Services

Endive Software has served hundreds of clients worldwide with over 140 Native Mobile Apps among numerous other Hybrid mobile applications.

Android App Maintenance & Upgrades

Do you know, you are losing 40% of your customers due to the outdated app solutions? Endive is here to help you.

Wake up, before it's too late! A leading Android App Development and Maintenance company, Endive Software can assist you in saving your business from getting marred by customer dissatisfaction. The incredible Android App Development & Optimization services by Endive Software, are entirely managed by experienced professionals who can transform your lethargic app into the most eye-catching and functional Android App.

From regular functionality updates, feature enrichment, productivity enhancement, to crafting a superior user experience for your app, our Android maintenance and support services commit higher business conversion rate.

Enhancing your Android app’s productivity, Endive offers purely credible Android app maintenance & upgrade services, which is a result of our skilled and dedicated Android app developers who strictly follow the latest updates in the Android app world to serve you passionately.

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    Hire My Trailer

    This application provides its users a platform to hire a trailer for any of his needs and the desired duration at nominal costs. It features an intuitive registration method for creating individual user accounts.

    The app allows its users choose the trailer's type, size, and the duration it is required. Based on your requirements, the app quotes you the estimated fare for the hired trailer.

    The app has a web-based backend admin panel for the administrator to control and manage the whole application intuitively.

    Hire My Trailer
  • Zonavivienda

    Zonavivienda Overview For Website

    Zonavivienda is a real estate iOS app that enables people to buy, sell & rent properties. This application has one front-end user who can act as a buyer or a seller with his registered account.

    The application allows you to search properties according to your preferred locations for buying or renting purposes. In addition, you can list your own property on the application as a seller.

    The back-end user of the application is the super-admin who is able to control and manage it from a functional web based backend admin panel.

  • Android App Development

    Colour Day

    The Colour Day Android app allows the users to get the latest updates of the Colour Day Festival held each summer in Greece.

    The application further helps the users to edit their images with the colorful Holi effect integrated to the app and post them on social media pages directly.

    The application allows easy user registration and the editing effect is made purely realistic. It has a backend admin panel, which allows intuitive management.

    Zonavivienda Real Estate
  • Aber Social Forum

    Aber Social Forum

    Aber is a social forum Android application where Users post their questions and the other following Users can post their answers with required images.

    The User who answers to a question earns one point while the User who posts a question will lose one point. There are default 5 points which are earned by a User who signs up into the application.

    Once a User runs short of points, he/she can purchase more coin or point, if they need to ask questions. This app will have a web based backend admin panel to control and manage the whole app including all images and video posts.

    Aber Social Forum
  • Zezign eCommerce

    Zezign eCommerce

    This is an interactive & responsive eCommerce website that along with serving as an online retail provides its users a platform to customize the design of the products available, which are T-shirts, mugs and mobile covers.

    The customization options include- adding the image of your choice, inserting text, choosing the preferred color theme, the addition of other style graphics, automatic adjustments, and resizing options based on the resolution.

    Zezign has a user-friendly backend panel to manage the website on the admin side.

    Zezign eCommerce

Apart from Android App maintenance & upgrade services, we offer Android application development services to following business verticals:

Productivity Mobile Apps

Productivity Mobile Apps

We offer business-specific Productivity Mobile App Development Solutions.