Our Process

Endive Software is the team of proficient designers, developers, solution architects and managers who work together for the success of products. In the process of project management, the developers and designs directly interact with the client for accurate delivery of each and every module. The timely and accurate delivery of the project, strictly adhering to the quality criteria is the key to achieving the long-term success.

Our methodology of development includes the thinking process where we adopt and generate thousands of ideas and pick one of them, translating it into the solution later. The collaborative sessions allow us to make the unique ideas that are incorporated with the updated technological trends resulting into the perfect timeless and dedicated solution.

Our solution design process is segmented into

After the estimation, the project is rendered the functionality with the help of coders and developers where the gathered information remains the basis of all the functionality. In order to transform the functional design into the fantastic one, our project managers muster their huge experience and pick the best approach for making the solution more amazing perfectly befitted to needs.

In this phase project development goes through:

Foundation building:
At this step the technical architects choose the best technology for the solutions and the framework for the development of the application. Further, the preliminary database is also readied at this stage.

Wire framing:
After the foundation of the project is ready, we wireframe the design and makes the most engaging interface possible. The engaging interface is the first impression over the client, therefore, we use our expertise to make an interactive User interface.

Concrete development:
Once the design is finalized and created, our developers implement the business logic and project goes through the rigorous coding. This is the iterative process where each and every module of solutions is perfectly analyzed according to the criteria and reverted back to the development.

Testing :
After the completion of the process of development the project is handed over to the client with User Acceptance Test.

Deliver :
Once the project is ready to deployment, we assist you in setting up the server of cloud infrastructure at your place. Further, if you need any later on services, then we also provide post development services.